Episode 2

Hello online readers. Welcome to episode 2 of my latest fan fiction: Loonatics Unleashed. I hope those of you that are reading this story are enjoying it as much as I am writing it. Each episode will pick up where the first episode left off, and the next episodes will do the same. So, get ready for a lot more action with the super heroes and getting to know the mysterious character, Myka. If you would please comment below to let me know what you think so far. I always look forward to seeing the good comments. I’m also always for improving my writing and tweaking any kinks that my writing may have, if I run into these comments please be considerate with words. Okay! With that out of the way, I like to share a video with you all, so, you can see the Loonatics in a bigger light. This happens to be one of my favorite videos done by one of many Youtubers out there. All the scenes are from the Loonatics Unleashed episodes and the music is New Divide by Linkin Park.

Alright, hope you enjoyed that little number, enjoy this next episode. Happy reading! 🙂

Myka finally woke up in the new hospital room. She still felt a bit groggy, but her strength seemed to be coming back all over again. As she laid staring at the ceiling she tried to think of the last thing she could remember.

That blasted bird came back, it may have been a pawn, but it knew exactly what it was doing…

His eyes flashed into her mind.

But I can’t blame him, he was being controlled.

She remembered destroying him into a tiny sphere.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t save him, but at least he’ll be reserved in the soul land and when I destroy this guy for good, all of them will be finally release in peace, back in their homeland. That is my vow.

Suddenly, a knock interrupted her thoughts.

“Hey there,” the coyote greeted her.

“Oh hello,” she could hear the surprise tense in her accent, “you’re Tech, right?”

“That’s right.”

His face flashed a picture in her brain.

That’s right, his energy is what helped me contain the bird.

“May I come in?”

She nodded.

He came in and took a seat in a nearby chair. “How are you feeling?”

“A bit better,” she admitted, “I just woke up, so I still feel out of it.”

“Do you remember the other day?”

“Yes, not all the specifics but the major details. I believe I owe you a thank you for saving my life…twice.”

“Well, actually I think you saved us the second time.”

“Well, you did aide me the second time.”


“You don’t remember?”

“I was kind of knocked out.”

“I was a little wake and I took some of your power source, which helped dispersed the mythical bird into a glow sphere.”

“I see.”

“So, both types of aide do require a thank you.”

“Well, it is kind of our job,” he said shyly.

They shared smiles.

“So…how are you doing?” she asked, “After being knocked out and all.”

He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m fine. I was only knocked out for a little while. No injuries.”

“Good,” she said relieved.

“Hey Tech,” another voice came from the door. “How’s the patient?”

She recognized the yellow bunny that had approached her before she collapsed.

“Prisoner,” another voice rudely corrected him.

“Duck,” a feminine voice appeared behind him, “take a chill pill, would you, you don’t even know her.”

“No one knows her, I’m telling you this chick is suspicious,” he countered.

All of them fell into the room.

“Excuse me,” Myka protested, “this suspicious chick does have a name.”

“She’s awake,” Tech said through gritted teeth, “and alert.”

“Alright Missy,” the duck stormed in.

“Myka,” she stressed.

“Whatever Micah, start talking,” he demanded.

“Might I ask who you are before I start talking.”

“Myka, these guys are the Loonatics,” Tech explained as he walked over to them, “this is Lexi,” he walked over to the pink bunny.

Myka gave her a smile. Then watched Tech walk over to a purple Tasmanian and a red road runner.

“This is Slam and Rev.”

“Hi,” Rev chimed in, “it’s-great-to-finally-meet-you-I-was-kind-of-hoping-you-would-be-a-mermaid-to-prove-to-this-guy-with-a-scientific-brain-that-mermaids-can-be-real-but-I-guess-we-should-accept-that-you-are-some-sort-of-mythical-creature-because-you-have-an-immense-power-are-you-sure-you’re-not-a-mermaid? Not-that-its-a-bad-thing-you’re-not-a-mermaid-but-“

Tech placed his fingers above and below his beak and snapped it shut.

“Well you are certainly a talker.”

“He tends to ramble, you’ll eventually learn to drown him out.”

Rev glared at him.

“Slam has a language of his own, you’ll eventually learn it…maybe.”

He turned to Duck.

“Mr. Suspicious haunch over here is Danger Duck, we just call him, Duck.”

“But that’s Mr. Danger Duck to you, got that Milkie?”

“And I’m Myka to you, got that, Ducky?”

Tech made his way towards the yellow bunny.

“This is our leader, Ace.”

She gave him a respectful nod. “I remember you, you asked me, who I was.”

“I’m still asking that,” he replied.

She thought for a moment. “I remember as early as finding Tech sitting next to me in the first hospital bed. I can’t remember that far back…I really don’t know who I am.”

“Likely story,” said Duck

“It’s the truth,” she declared, “I really don’t have any memory of how I got here or ended up almost swimming with the sharks.”

“Do you remember where you came from?” Tech asked, “Your home? Maybe even your family?”

She took in a moment of silence as she thought about his questions. “No,” she finally said, “everything is a blank.”

Dr. Coyote walked in. “Oh, it’s a party,” she said surprised, “I realized Myka is a part of a case, but I need to do an exam on her before you bombard her with questions.”

“Well we’re not going to get any answers if she doesn’t remember anything,” Duck commented, “so she claims.”

They glared at each other.

“You really can’t remember anything?” she asked with concern.

Myka shook her head. “Not before these past couple of days.”

“I see…”

“Is it possible she could have amnesia, Fauna?” Tech asked.

“Well, she did take a bump on the head when I first examined her.”

“So, how did she know how to channel in Tech’s power and create the light show with the bird?” Ace wondered.

“Powers are natural memory fragments, they come in with natural instincts from the mind. Since she was most likely born with powers, her body knows how to use them.”

“Really?” Myka asked surprised.

“Sure. I’ll do a full exam on you, make sure everything else is in shape, but unfortunately your other memories may take a little time for them to come back.”

“How long is a little while?”

“Could be days, months even years I’m afraid.”

“Years? I don’t have years,” she protested.

“Well, normally its best to surround yourself with things that your familiar with…”

“But since you don’t know where familiarity is,” Duck intercepted.

“I see…”

“Hey, don’t worry Myka,” Tech said softly, “we got some more clues, we’ll find your home.”

She shook her head. “I appreciate that, but you’ve helped enough. I should learn to be independent again.”

“Well Myka that’s all very noble,” said Ace, “but you can’t run around with amnesia and nowhere to go, plus you’re a link of what happened the other day.”

“I tamed the bird for you, you’re welcome by the way,” she pointed out, “if my powers are as strong as Dr. Coyote says, then eventually they will bring my memories back.”

“You may be right Myka,” said Dr. Coyote, “but so is Ace. Your powers are strong, but they only hold small parts of your memories which won’t just appear at will, even if you go roaming the universe for some answers. I really advise that you start small and get to know yourself again.”

“How do you expect me to do that?”

“Try new foods, read new books, small things for now.”

She grunted in disappointment.

“Plus, I don’t know how, but you are a link to that strange birdie,” Ace pointed out again.

“What makes you so sure about that?”

“The bird came after you and only you. It was even willing to get rid of anyone in its path to get to you.”

“Okay, but as I said, I tamed the bird, so I’m out of harm’s way, right?”

“Let’s hope so.”

She fell silent and placed her head softly on the pillow. “I guess if you guys are keeping me here, I have no choice,” she spoke sadly.

Tech placed a hand on her shoulder. “Its for your own good, Myka,” he tried to reassure her, “I promise.”

She looked at him unconvinced and then turned to Dr. Coyote. “So, when can I get of here?”

“Once I shoo these guys away, I’ll do a full exam right away.”

Then she eyed everyone and began coaxing them out of the room.

“Why don’t you guys go do some detective work, maybe bring Myka some clothes or something.”

“Alright Fauna, we’re gone,” Tech insisted.

They all left the room and she closed the door.

“Fauna is right,” said Tech, “we’ll do better work out here rather than hovering over Myka at the moment.”

Ace thought for a moment. “Alright, Tech, Slam, and Rev, you guys head back to HQ and recover more information on this weird bird. Lexi, do you think you can lend Myka some clothes?”

Lexi nodded. “Sure.”

“Good, come back to the hospital when you have them for her, and stay with her when she’s ready to be discharge. When I have everything set up, bring her to the Night Nark Hotel, downtown.”

“What’s at the Night Nark Hotel?” Duck asked.

“I just happen to have a room waiting there for me and I’m finally going to put it to good use. Let’s jet.”

“Boy, they really don’t give up, do they?” Myka asked.

“They have good intentions,” Fauna said, “their good intentions are right this time.”

She pulled out a thermometer and grazed it across her forehead and behind her ear. She held it until it made a beeping sound.

“I do believe I can take care of myself though,” she pointed out, “maybe being on my own could jump start a few memories.”

Dr. Coyote pulled the thermometer away and glanced at the small screen and recorded it on another screen that appeared from her wrist band.

“Well that’s possible, but I really advise against it.”

“Yes, I know what you’re going to say, it may be a little risky, but I think I can manage myself.”

She revealed a small amount of power in her hand.

Dr. Coyote unhooked a black cuff and wrapped it around her arm.

“You might want to lower that, so I can take your blood pressure.

She made it disperse and Dr. Fauna pushed a button to activate the cuff. It squeezed her arm nice and tight, and then deflated. She held her screen over the cuff and the numbers appeared. She released the cuff and then placed her stethoscope into her ears and placed the metal piece on Myka’s chest.

“Deep breaths,” she instructed her.

She listened for a moment and then brought the stethoscope to her back. Then she pulled it back and wrapped it around her neck.

“Okay, everything sounds good,” she said.

She massaged Myka’s stomach with her fingers.

“Everything feels good.”

She tapped the bases of her knees with a light karate chop with her hand. She did the same with her elbows.

“Reflexes are good. Just one more thing…”

She brought out a small flash light and clicked it on. She shined it over a butterfly sticker in the corner by the door.

“Look over there for me.”

As Myka did, she shined the light in her eyes for a couple of seconds. She turned it off and Myka blinked fast to regain her focus through the blue and purple lights.

“Alright, your color looks good, pupils are regularly dilated. Now, you see how you’re blinking all those lights away?” she asked curiously.


“That’s how your brain feels right now, fuzzy and a little bit scrambled. But, when you take a few moments to let the lights clear out then you are can focus in on your sights. Got it?”

“Yeah, I get it,” she said flatly, “I’m stuck here.”

“Not forever though, and the Loonatics are there to help in any way they can.”

Myka looked at her.

“Just give them a chance to help you.”

She placed a hand on her shoulder, Myka looked up at her to see a smile, but she didn’t say anything.


Back at HQ, Tech analyzed the glow that was trapped in the jar. He stared at it for a moment, picking it up and putting it down again. He traced back his notes and then back at the glowing jar.

Suddenly, someone slightly touched his shoulder and he jumped a little.

“Hey-Tech,” Rev appeared beside him. “Any-updates?”

“Well this thing seems to be channeled through Myka’s powers. Yet, there’s no data on the bird that we did fought, almost as if it doesn’t exist…”

“So, you got nothing,” Slam grumbled in his language.

He sighed. “Yeah.”

“Ever-think-that-this-thing-could-be-of-a-magical-substance?” Rev asked.

“Magical? As in no technological data? Impossible.”

“Well-maybe-not-since-she-is-not-in-any-database-and-clearly-this-thing-doesn’t-have-one-either-so-they-could-be-related-in-a-completely-different-fantasy-category- “

“Even if that is possible,” Tech cut him off, “there still needs to be some sort of database that exists with information and it can be considered classified.”


An idea came to Rev.


“Those are highly classified files, if we want access to them we would have to gain special permission, which could take weeks,” he looked over at the jar again and picked it up, “but Myka said something about releasing the sphere it could be revived, maybe if we gather some DNA, even a picture from this, the scanners could pick up something and it may link us to Myka.”

“I’ll-set-up-the-quarantine-unit,” Rev declared and sped away.

They moved to the quarantine room. Tech entered the room with a specially design suit and the jar with the glowing sphere. He opened the jar and let the glowing sphere float out.

“Alright whatever you are, I’m ready for you, so come on out.”

He focused on the glow when a red flash of light caught his eye and then formed back into the strange bird. It let out a screech.

“Take it easy. Nice giant bird,” he pulled out a pair of large tweezers. “All I need is one little feather, maybe a chip of a claw, and a big bright smile, no damage at all, give or take.”

He eased towards it and caught sight of its flashing red eyes. He jolted back nervously.

“I promise it won’t hurt a bit,” he smiled anxiously.

His red eyes flash and he let out another screech, releasing sonic waves.


He dodged the wave and unleashed his shield. When the sonic waves disappeared, he brought it down and dodged a powerful blow with the wing. He reached up with the tweezers and grasped onto a feather. He tugged hard and yanked it out from the bulb of the skin. The force pushed him back against the wall, still clutching onto the feather.


He breathed heavily. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

The bird turned towards him and glared at him angrily with his red eyes. He held up his wrist and flashed a screen in front of him with a camera.

“Say cheese.”

The camera took the picture and the flash startled the bird. Tech pulled out the jar and held it closer to the bird. “Alright time to go back in your cage.”

The bird shook off the flash and let out another screech as it came towards him. Tech held the jar up, but nothing was happening.

“Uh oh,” he smiled nervously, “well I guess this is where I need to take off…thanks for the donation.”

He made a break for the door as the bird chased after him. It swished open and he slid into the entry way out of the room. He held onto the feather and pulled it out of the silver crack before forcing the door to slam. The bird gave one last brute force and then moved to the other side.

“That was too close for comfort,” Slam grumbled.

He offered a hand and helped Tech up.

“Whoever said researching was never a real sport was sadly mistaken,” he commented.

The bird stared at them with its red eyes and then let out another squawk.

“Wow-he-looks-angry-I-think-you-made-it-angrier-than-before,” said Rev.

“Well if you had your feathers plucked out, you would be pretty angry too,” Tech pointed out.

The bird let out another angry squawk and then flashed out of the cage.

“Uh oh,” Slam grumbled.

“Not-good,” Rev repeated.

Tech heard a ring come from his communicator. He answered it and saw Ace appear on the screen.

He gasped. “And neither is that.”

“I just saw a familiar crazy bird swoop the skies,” Ace responded, “Is there something I need to know about?”

“Oh…well, uh…” Tech stammered, “the good news is I got DNA and a picture.”

“Well that’s great and all but now we have to capture that thing again, before it gets to Myka again.”


Myka stared into the mirror, stroking her long blue and blonde hair with a brush lent from the hospital. She parted her hair and formed two braids. Before she tied them together she looked at her hair tie. The one out of two things that survived in the water.

I guess my mission in leaving is going to be a setback. If they don’t revive the light source, it will be awhile before he can unleash another specimen of some sort.

She stared at her hair tie.

Until then I will use this to mask my identity and hopefully I can save this planet from any misery.

She binds her braids together with her hair tie and her hair turned back to brown. The hair color they had first identified with when they found her. She braided the end of her lose hair and tied it off with a rubber band. Then she heard a knock at the door.

“Myka,” a female voice responded, “you still in there? I have something for you.”

Myka opened the door to find the pink bunny standing in front of her.

“Oh hello, Lexi,” she responded.


She held up a bag.

“I brought you some clothes, I’m not sure if they are your style but I’m hoping they will do.”

“Oh, thank you, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Well its clothes I was thinking of giving up and your other clothes were thrashed in the waves, you need some dignity when you walk out of here.”

“Well considering I don’t have an identity, I guess I could use some dignity.”

Lexi handed the bag to her. “Please enjoy them then.”


She took the bag and went back into the bathroom. She untied her hospital gown and placed on a red one-shoulder shirt and black pants.

Well she’s right, its not really my style, but it will help keep my disguise undercover.

She walked back out to find Lexi waiting for her on the bed.

“How do I look?”

“Human. Do you feel human?”

“I do, actually. More human than I’ve felt in a long time.”

They shared smiles.

“Glad I can help.”

Then there was a knock at the door.

“Hey there,” Tech greeted them. “Wow, Myka,” he breathed, “I didn’t even recognize you. You look much better.”

“I guess I’m a different person without sand in my hair,” she chuckled.

“You sound better too, how’s your memory?”

“Not much coming back, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t worry, it will come back,” Tech said reassuring, “just give it some time.”

She just smiled. I’m just wondering how much time I really have…

“Come on, we really should get you out of here, somewhere where its safe.”

Tech grabbed her wrist and started pulling her out towards the door.

“Whoa! Hold it Coyote,” she came to a halt, “what’s the rush?”

“Yeah,” Lexi chimed in, “if she’s going to be here awhile she should at least get to know the city.”

“Well it will hard to do that if its in pieces,” he admitted. “Your creature friend could be on the lose again.”

“You released the light sphere?” Myka declared.

“We needed some DNA samples to identify it,” he explained, “but I tried to put it back in his jar and it decided to go the opposite way.”

“Of course, it did Tech, I was a little weak the other day, but I wasn’t delusional when I told Ace that if I released the sphere it would revive itself again.”

“And you know this how?” he challenged her.

“That’s not important right now, we have to go.”

“Myka, the bird is after you for some reason, we got to get you to where it’s safe.”

“Do you not recall that I was the one that tamed it, it reacted to me before and it will react to me again. I’m your only shot at this.”

Tech hesitated. “The bird is after you though, you’re basically live bait.”

“Good then maybe it could give me some answers, because I’m not walking aimlessly around this planet until my memories come back.”

Without waiting for another response, she headed out the door to the rotunda of the hospital. Then came back to the room.

“Do I have to drive to the crime scene myself?” she challenged them.

She walked back out leaving Tech and Lexi dumbfounded.

“She sure is persistent,” said Lexi.

They followed her out of the hospital.

“Ace,” Tech got him on the communicator, “do you have a location on the bird?”

“Yeah, he’s downtown, Rev has slowed him down a little bit, but we still need to contain it. Where’s Myka?”

“She’s with us, I don’t know how and I’m not sure she does either, but she thinks she can tame the bird again.”

“She sure she’s up for it? Last time she captured the thing she collapsed on us.”

Tech looked back over at her and saw the fierce determination in her blue eyes. “Yeah, she’s definitely up for it.”

He hung up with him and offered her his hand.

“Come on, the bird is downtown, we’ll get there faster on jet pack.”

She looked up at him blankly, thought for a moment with a side glance and then looked back over to him and nodded. She took his hand and he pulled her in close. Her arm was wrapped around his neck while his arm was wrapped around her waist. She hung onto him startled and then he fired up his jet pack and they were off, Lexi was closely behind them. They flew to downtown in silence.

Once they made it, Myka caught sight of the bird and Rev circling around it.

“Odd, why doesn’t he just teleport?” she thought.

They landed and Myka ran up to the creature.

“There’s no time to ask questions now, the longer it stays in this form the longer it will remain this type of monster.”

She turned back to the Loonatics.

“I need you’re guys help to weaken it,” she said, “I can perform some magic, but I need to make sure I have enough strength to tame it back into a light sphere again.”

The bird let out another screech before moving towards them.


She channeled in her power, bringing two elements together. “Fire and light burst!”

She aimed her powers at the bird, while the others attacked with laser vision, brain blasts, tar orbs, and tornadoes. They formed one big huge blow and brought the bird down. She outstretched her arm, closed her eyes, and focused her light energy on the bird.

“Healing light.”

Her light power surged through the bird, it let out one more screech before dispersing back into a light sphere again. It fell in between her hands and she let out a sigh of relief. Ace was ready this time with a jar. He held it in front of her and she let fall into the jar and he sealed it off.

“Now, we’ve learned not to set this thing free again,” she reprimanded them, “for all we knew this thing did get a little bit stronger and it could have been a lot harder to defeat.”

“Note to self,” Tech chimed in, “analyze weird species when species won’t attack back. Still doesn’t explain how you knew what to do.”

“I may have lost my memories, but I haven’t lost my sense of knowledge, and I probably just relied on instincts.”

“You’re intuition is very strong then, and if you have any knowledge of fighting anything like this thing, then it means you have faced it before. Your knowledge maybe the key to your memories.”

“Is that enough for you guys to let me go then?”

“Uh, no,” Ace responded this time, “you may have a good sense of knowledge and intuition, but it still doesn’t explain anything about you, about big bird here.”

She shrugged. “It was worth a shot.”

“Myka, I know you want to go home,” Tech came in again, “but you don’t seem to know where home is, and until you do, until we figure out the missing pieces, you’re our responsibility.”

Myka didn’t say anything, just sulked.

“Until then we have a place just for you,” said Ace.

Without giving her much of choice, he and Tech walked her to the Nark Hotel. Thanks to a major save awhile back, Ace had earned a free hotel room and decided it would be best to be used for Myka until small amount of her memories back. Not to mention he could keep an eye on her since her trust wasn’t earned by him yet.

Tech volunteered to be the first guard on watch, just in case she tried to pull anything. Ace was against it at first but decided it would be fine, since Tech was the first Loonatic that Myka met and has a little bit of trust for. Once it was all agreed, Tech and Myka walked up to the hotel room in silence.

“You don’t have to be so excited,” Tech tried to joke to lighten up the mood.

“You don’t have to walk me to my room,” Myka said bitterly, “much less be an overnight guard, that goes for all of you.”

“Hey, whatever that bird creature was, it is after you, meaning you were probably running from it when we found you or you could have been running away from someone who had control of that creature.”

She thought about that for a moment and then shook her head. “Even if that statistic is true— “

“It is.”

“I can still handle myself. Fauna gave me clearance, I can fight again.”

“You still need to rejuvenate. She mentioned that the more you heal, the easier it could be for you to regain some memories.”

“See you guys keep saying that, but I know what Ace is planning. And you’re halfway a part of it.”

“Oh, so you think you know everything? Very well enlighten me.”

“Ace just wants to keep an eye on me to make sure I’m not a threat even with amnesia, you are slightly on the fence as well, but something is pulling you back, something that I can’t quite place my finger on.”

They each came to a halt in the center of the hall. They stared at one another. Myka glaring at him as if she was his little sister and she was being disciplined by her over protective brother. At least that’s what his mind set told her, however his eyes said something different.

“Look…you may be on the right track,” he finally spoke, “but regardless of what you think your strength is, something or someone can be after you, and even if they’re not, you don’t remember any details, not to mention, no family history. I know you want to go home, but we can’t help you get home unless you remember something, and we won’t let you go home in the condition that you’re in.”

“So, what do I really mean to you then?” she challenged him, “Some poor woman who needs protection?”

“We found you,” he stressed to her, “you are our responsibility, whether you trust us or not, and whether you like it or not.”

She scoffed. “Yeah, except I don’t need protecting.”

“Myka— “

She stomped down to the mid-length of the hall and came to room 24D. She tried sliding the door open, but it kept denying her. She placed her hand in the scanner, it would blink red, and keep locking itself.

“Denied,” a robotic voice kept repeating, “must have hotel…denied must have hotel key…denied, denied, den— “

Tech came around her and placed the key on the scanner. The door swished open.

She quickly turned to him confused yet annoyed.

Tech cleared his throat. “It helps to storm into a tantrum and ditched the guy that is supposedly antagonizing you when he doesn’t mean to, with the simple step of using a key card, especially if you’re stomping into a hotel room.”

She took a moment to realize that she was so mad that she didn’t even think of swiping the key card from him. Taking the chance, she snatched the key card out of his hand, gave him a disgusted look and stormed into the room. She pushed the button on the side and closed the door right after giving him a death glare.

Once each other was out of one another sight, their gazes softened. They pressed their backs against the door and slid down to the floor, while letting out an exasperating sigh.

“Tech,” Myka finally broke the silence, “I’m sorry I’m being difficult, I’m not trying to be, and I may not remember anything, but I feel like, I’ve always been alone for a long time now. I really don’t like that feeling. Being scared and alone. But I think being alone is what’s best for me. I mean if that’s really the case maybe I was alone this entire time, I must learn to be on my own again, for me to move on from this and try to remember why I became a loner. If I wasn’t one already.”

Tech thought about what she said. “Well maybe being alone isn’t so bad for a while but maybe, amnesia or not, you also got to let people in.”

Myka listened curiously.

“Look, maybe we’ve gone about this the wrong way. Instead of being your body guards, maybe you just need a few friends. And friends protect each other no matter what kind of danger.”

“Only if they trust each other though.”

“You don’t trust us?”

“Not yet. You don’t trust me though either.”

“Not yet. Your powers have regenerated though, and you haven’t tried to attack us in any way, plus, you saved us…twice. So, I don’t think you’re bad.”

“You don’t know that for sure though.”

“Neither do you,” he pointed out, “listen, since you don’t have your memories right now, you still have your principles maybe you can still relearn about yourself and be influenced by the new people in your life. You can start brand new Myka.”

She didn’t respond right away. Thoughts whirled in her head like tornadoes but somehow that moment Tech put in her head made her at ease. “I like that idea. I think I want that idea. I think I could really use some friends, but what if I’m not who I’m meant to be, Tech, what if I hurt you and the others?”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about that now, if that ever were to happen, we will deal with it when the time comes.”

“I’m scared.” Her voiced cracked a little. She put her hand around her mouth to keep her from breaking down in tears.

Tech stayed quiet for a moment and then pulled himself up and then faced the door. “Could you open the door please? There’s someone I need to introduce to you.”

Myka turned confused and opened the door only to find Tech in the hallway.

“Hi, my name is Tech,” he extended his hand to her, “we may not know each other very well and it will take some time, but I was wondering as we do get to know each other, can we try being friends?”

Myka hesitated for a minute but then slipped her hand into his. “My name is Myka, and I would like that very much.”

They held hands for a while and shared smiles.


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