Loonatics Unleashed: Season 3, Episode 1

This is the post excerpt.


Hello! Allie here to bring you my first blog post ever!! I’m so excited yet nervous. I honestly don’t know what to expect at the moment all I know is that I’m taking a chance here with my stories being out there and seen. At this time I would like to point out some technicalities, I am open to comments and as I mentioned before this is my first time blogging, so please be gentle with me. If there is something that I think would be worth changing on the site or my stories, I will definitely take the constructive criticism into consideration. Okay, now that, that is out of the way let’s move to the story.

The first segment I have started is a fan fiction. This story originates from the cartoon series that started way back in the early 2000’s, Loonatics Unleashed. Here’s a small summary for those of you who think you remember the show and need to jump start your memory, or you just have no clue what this show is.

Loonatics Unleashed takes place in the future year 2772 on the planet Acmetropolis. The main characters are a legion of super heroes called, you guessed it, the Loonatics. The characters also happen to be descendants of our favorite Looney Toon characters. First, there is the leader, Ace Bunny (descendant of Bugs Bunny), Lexi Bunny (descendant of Lola Bunny), Danger Duck (descendant of Daffy Duck, (not really proven but could be a descendant of Duck Dodgers as well)), Rev Runner (descendant of Road Runner), Slam Tasmanian (descendant of Tasmanian Devil), and (my personal favorite character) Tech E. Coyote (descendant of Wiley Coyote). Together with the help of their boss, Zadavia they protect their planet by the villains that were drastically effected by the meteor that had spread strange radiation and knocked earth off its axis. If you are interested in learning more about these characters and their powers which you will discover throughout this series you can check out some videos on YouTube.

My fan fiction series, takes in on a whole new adventure a couple of years from the original future year. This starts in the year 2774. It stars all the original characters, plus some of my new creations. First the mysterious Myka, who washes up on shore during the Loonatics’ beach trip. She is the number one question as far as, Is she trustworthy? And Fauna, who is a doctor at Acmetropolis Hospital and also, Tech’s sister.

Okay, the moment is finally here!! Happy reading everyone!

Season 3 episode 1

The Loonatics were at the beach. They were enjoying the sand and the warm sunshine that beamed down on them. The smell of the ocean filled their noses. Ace and Lexi were tanning under the sun. Rev was water skiing with Tech as he surfed on his new Techno Surfboard 3000. Slam was eating all the BBQ food he could devour and Duck was searching the beach for treasure with a metal detector.

“Ah,” Ace sighed, “this is just what the doctor ordered.”

“Yeah,” Lexi agreed, “one calming relaxing day off, with no worries.”

“And when I find that hidden treasure we are going to be rich,” Duck cheered.

Suddenly the metal detector lights started blinking and a loud beeping hovered over the sand.

“Ooh,” he said excited and started digging.

He turned disappointed when all he found was a bottle cap.

“People are so wasteful,” he commented.

He tossed the bottle cap in a pile he already started.

“Yeah, we’ll be rich in bottle caps,” Lexi smarted back.

“Maybe if you save enough Duck you can by a soda,” Ace said sarcastically.

He turned to Lexi and they both laughed.

“Ha, ha, very funny,” Duck said flatly, “just for that remark you guys aren’t getting free smoothies.”

He turned around and pouted.

Lexi and Ace stared at each other blankly.


Tech cheered with praise. “My Techno Surfboard 3000 works perfectly.”

He heard a beeping sound.

It told him another wave was approaching behind him. He took a glance back and started heading towards the wave. As the wave came towards him he used his body weight to lean his board through the wave and followed through behind it and then swam up to the top of the wave. He let out a howl of victory.

“Way to go Tech,” Rev came up from behind him as the wave died down, “didn’t think it was possible for you to surf but you so rocked that wave.”

“What can I say, I have natural talents.”

“Yeah but does natural talents include a self-taught surfboard?” Rev challenged him.

“Well let’s test that theory,” he said enlightened, “if I beat you to shore then I’ll prove I have natural talent and skill and if I don’t win I’ll by your lunch.”

“Honey BBQ seeds?”

“No problem,” he said confidently.

They shook hands and they waited for the next wave to rise.

Tech’s surfboard started beeping and when he caught sight of the wave, he turned it off. He figured to win fairly, it meant not letting the surfboard make the moves for him. He paddled towards the wave. Once he caught it, he hopped on his board and cruised the wave.

Rev caught his own wave and surfed beside Tech. They added a few style points to their race by doing a few simple flips. Rev managed to use the flips as his advantage by getting ahead of Tech. Surprisingly, Tech managed to keep up with him. Within a few moments they fell in beside one another.

“See you at the shore,” Tech teased.

“Not if I see you there first,” Rev declared.

They were neck and neck, almost to the shore.

Tech surfed on top of the next wave and did a perfect spiral up in the air, and then he directed the board to head back down to the water. He braced himself for the plunge when he saw a strange shadow moving in the water.

“Huh?” Tech wondered confused.

Distracted by the strange figure in the water, he almost forgot that he needed to pull up. He pulled himself up to his feet.

Just as he did he realized it was too late to pull up all the way.

“Whoa!” he cried.

He smacked nose dive into the water. The waves forcefully crashed into his back along with the figure that tangled up within his legs and arms. The weight nearly pulled him down but he managed to put the person on his back and swim up to the surface. He released a breath of air only to be taken again by another strong wave. Tech ducked below it and let the wave carry him and the other victim to shore. Next thing he knew, he had dead weight on his back and halfway buried in sand.

Rev sped up to him. “Whoa Tech that was some wave you plunged into, talk about a total wipe out, by the way who’s the girl that swam up with you?”

Tech pulled his head out of the small tunnel and spitted out a bunch of sand.

“I don’t know,” he said irritably, “but help me get her up.”

Rev gently pulled her off Tech and laid her on her back. Tech pulled himself up and dusted the sand off him and knocked some of it out of his long ears.

“So, who do you think she could be?” Rev wondered, “Ooh, do you think she could be a mermaid?”

“I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure she’s not a mermaid, Rev,” said Tech.

“Hey guys,” Ace called to them.

He, Lexi, Duck, and Slam ran towards them.

“We saw you guys crash the waves,” said Lexi, “is everything okay?”

“What happened?” Ace asked.

“Did you guys find buried treasure?” Duck asked hopefully.

“More like we crashed into sand,” Tech said flatly, “and found a girl instead.”

“Whoa,” Ace said surprised, “something tells me she wasn’t swimming in the depths of the ocean for nothing.”

Tech bent down to the mystery girl’s level. She lied there motionless. He placed two fingers on her wrist and found a slow heartbeat. “She still has a pulse,” Tech confirmed, “We should probably get her to a hospital.”

“What?” Duck cried, “We don’t know where she’s been, she could be some evil siren or a mermaid or something.”

“Ha, so she is a mermaid,” Rev declared.

“She’s not a mermaid,” Tech protested irritably and then added, “either way, she needs help.”

He gathered the strength he had to pull himself up. He placed his fist on his left shoulder and channeled in his powers. His power’s energy spiraled around him and they transformed him into a black jumpsuit with a green upside-down triangle on his chest. Then he pulled her up and carried her like a baby.

“Where are you going with her?” Duck asked suspiciously.

“I’m taking her to the hospital,” Tech said slowly.

“But- “Duck protested.

“Duck, regardless if she is evil or not, we don’t know that, it’s our duty to help the weak and innocent, remember? You took an oath.”

Duck stared at him for a moment and sighed. “Alright fine,” he said, “but once we get her to the hospital, we leave her there.”

“We can’t do that,” Tech declared frustrated.

“Duck, she may have family or friends here, someone who can help her, but they can’t help her if they don’t know where she is,” Lexi pointed out.

“The hospital can help with that part,” he pointed back.

“Hey, Duck, what did she ever do to you?” Ace asked curiously.

“Nothing,” he tried to say as calmly as he could, “it’s just there’s something about her that gives me a bad vibe.”

“Duck the only bad vibes you get are when you think someone isn’t your biggest fan,” he said flatly.

“She’s washed up, battered and injured, practically weak and defenseless,” said Tech, “What could she possibly do?”

Duck didn’t say anything and Tech got his answer. He activated his jetpack and headed toward Acmetropolis hospital.


Once Tech had got the strange girl settled with the doctors, he was greeted by his sister, Fauna. She saw the girl and took pity on her like, he had done. She took over the case and got her on a stimulator and some fluids in her.

“It’s a good thing you found her when you did,” his sister told him when the girl was settled in, “I think within another hour she wouldn’t have made it, it’s amazing she still has a heartbeat.”

“Is she going to be okay?” he asked.

“She’ll be in a coma until she gets stronger but we think she will make a full recovery.”

“We should let her family or friends know that she will be, plus any information we have might lead to her accident, so anything you have would be great.”

“There might be a problem with that Tech,” his sister said regretfully, “this girl has no records here, she has no I.D., and nothing in the missing person’s reports, she’s practically a mystery patient.”

“So, you can’t do anything?” he asked astounded.

She shrugged and shook her head. “No, we can’t right now Tech, sorry, but the minute we do find something medically, I’ll let you know, as far as figuring out who this girl is; well we won’t know that until she comes out of the coma.”

He sighed disappointed. “Alright I understand,” he said and smiled, “Thanks Fauna.”

Then he left her at the hospital and decided to try and go find some information on his own if possible.


Every day he went to go visit the mystery patient in the hospital and her status was encouragingly changing. He still couldn’t find anything on the mystery patient but he had hopes that he’ll be able to make some sort of discovery with this girl. It had to be about two weeks until she had finally woken up.

Tech was sitting in the chair when she finally began to stir. Her eyes slowly opened and she didn’t move at first. She seemed like she was in daze, slightly confused.

Understandable, she probably has no idea where she is.

She let out a soft groan and moved her head to face him for the first time. Her eyes jumped slightly with surprise.

“You’re awake,” Tech said gently.

“And you’re a green coyote,” she whispered weakly.

He smiled. “A friend, I assure you, the name is Tech.”

She looked at him blankly and then she began to move a little more. Darting her eyes to the unfamiliar walls and the heart monitor machine and the IV drip.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“You’re at the Acmetropolis Hospital,” he reported, “you…uh…” he said nervously rubbing the back of his head, “you kind of threw yourself into the beach.”

She turned to him again. Although she seemed out of it, her eyes were jumping like haywire jumping beans. The continuous blinking and eye shifting told Tech that she was just trying to make sense of everything.

“How did I get here?”

Tech wasn’t sure of the question. “How did you get to the hospital? Well let’s just say you and I found each other taking a wipe out in the waves. I came out fine but you looked as if you were swimming for your life. With you battered and knocked out, I decided to bring you here.”

She looked at him blankly yet curious.

“As far as how you got to Acmetropolis, well I was hoping you could tell me that.”

She looked away and Tech could tell that she was thinking. “Last thing I remember; I was being sent through a portal.”

“A portal?” he asked confused, “Like a worm hole?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said tiredly.

She rubbed her hands over her eyes.

Tech thought for a moment and realized that she has been through something but maybe now wasn’t the time to remember that. “Why don’t we start off with your name?”

She thought for a moment. “Myka…my name is Myka,” she said.

“That’s a pretty name, how about the year?”


“Good, well it doesn’t seem like you have any brain damage but then again, I’m not a doctor.”

“But I am,” a familiar voice appeared in the entry way of the room.

Fauna walked in and scolded him.

He gasped in surprised and looked over at her. “I wasn’t giving out medical advice,” he insisted, “just finding out some answers.”

“Wait,” Myka spoke slowly, “if you’re not a doctor, then, who are you? And did I land in a world of coyotes?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Fauna said apologetically, “I’m Dr. Fauna Coyote and this would be my brother, Tech E. Coyote, he is a crime fighter and a legion super hero to the Loonatics.”

“But you can just call me Tech,” he said shyly.

“And there’s a little bit of everyone here, but mostly humans,” she explained.

“He said he found me in the ocean?” she asked unsure.

Fauna nodded. “Since we had no information on you as far as family or friends, he’s also been visiting you, while you were in a coma.”

“How long have I been knocked out?”

“Two weeks now, your recovery seemed to progress the second day you were here.”

Myka nodded that she understood.

Fauna gave her a kind smile. “But enough questions for now,” she eyed Tech and then turned back to Myka, “let’s get you better first.”

He recognized his older sister’s familiar warning stare and quickly got up from the chair he was sitting in. “Yeah, right,” he agreed, “uh if it’s okay, I like to help you out, so can I come back?”

“Sure…” Myka hesitated.

“Let me walk him out, okay?” Fauna said to her gently and then followed Tech out the door. “Hello, when someone wakes up from a coma, you immediately get a doctor,” she snapped.

“Sorry, I was trying not to scare her,” he said.

“Well obviously she’s never seen a walking, talking, green coyote before, so I don’t think you are doing a good job with that,” she pointed out.

“Sorry,” he said again.

She sighed and her face softened. “I understand that it is your duty to help people but why do you care about this girl?”

“I don’t know,” he replied.

Fauna glared at him with the suspicion that he wasn’t admitting everything that was on his mind.

Tech gave into it. “At first it started off as helping a citizen and then you told me she had no friends or family here and I guess that kind of brought back memories for you and me when we first came to Acmetropolis.”

Fauna looked at him blankly and then sighed. “Alright,” she said, “I wasn’t going to tell you this but considering she means a lot to you, we actually found a clue.”

“A clue?” he inquired.

“We found highly concentrated abnormal cells in her blood, its SPB+.”

“Right, and in techno geek speak that means?”

“It means she has super powers.”

“She’s a super hero?”

“I didn’t say that,” she said firmly, “she has abilities like you and the others, but stronger.”

“And she gave me a name, maybe I can work with that,” he began to leave.

“Wait Tech- “she pulled him back, “she seems harmless now…but just be careful, okay?”

“I will,” he kissed her on the cheek and left her in the center of the hallway.

She just shook her head and chuckled a little. “At least that will keep you busy for a while,” she thought, “and this girl can get some rest.”



Myka sat up in her bed eating her hospital food. A small salad and some chicken broth.

Dr. Coyote said that it seemed to be awhile since she last ate, so she wanted her to start off slow so her body didn’t go into shock. If she wasn’t careful she could affect her inner self which leads to her powers sprouting out of control. She didn’t realize how hungry she was until she took a first bite of lettuce, and merely started chowing down. Savoring every bite that landed on her taste buds, even if the lettuce was a little dry and the chicken broth tasted like bland hot tap water.

It had been a couple days since her recovery and she felt better every day. Even her powers started flowing through her again. She took a couple sips of the broth and then stopped for a second to take in everything.

Everyone has been so nice to me here, especially that one coyote that has been coming in to see me. He must make one great super hero for this planet. I hope I can express my gratitude somehow before I take off again. It is strange. I have only seen the end of a hospital bed but even in a coma there is this connection with Acmetropolis. Almost as if…

Suddenly a knock brought her out of her thoughts.

“Hey there,” he greeted her.

“Oh, hello again, Tech,” she smiled.

“You’re looking much better.”

“I feel better too,” she coincided and then looked at him thoughtfully, “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for saving me from nearly drowning.”

“Well…” he blushed a little, “it’s part of my job being a hero and all.”

“Well thank you anyway, I am truly grateful.”

He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. Then a thought came to him. “Hey, any luck on any of your memories returning?”

She gave him a blank look as she thought about his question, and then she looked away. “Alas no,” she said with a sad voice, “Dr. Coyote said that I may be experiencing a small amount of amnesia.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” he gave her a sympathetic look.

“Yeah,” Myka sighed, “but hey on the bright side, your sister said I can get out of here today.”

“Really? Well that some great news.”

“Yeah be nice to get out of here and feel the fresh air again.”

“What are you going to do?”


“I mean with your amnesia, it could be dangerous just roaming around all dazed and confused, and not knowing where you’re going.”

“Well I admit it would be a little bit scary, but I have to move on sometime in my life. Even though my memory is a bit faded somewhere deep inside me, I think I’m a bit of a loner. So maybe if I wander on my own a bit something will just click.”

“Can I make another suggestion?”

“Well considering you did save my life, I suppose.”

“Why don’t you stay here?”

“Stay here?”

“Myka, be slightly logical here, you don’t know where you’re going, your mind is in a fog, you have no money or way of transportation, I’m just saying maybe you need to get back on your feet until you’re stabilize again or at least until your memory comes back.”

“But your sister said that could take weeks, months even, and…”

“And what?”

“And…maybe longer.”

“Well maybe I can help you speed up your memory process, I’ve been trying to do a little research on you, seeing if you are somewhere in any planet database. No luck so far, but I think I might have another clue.”

“Which is what?”

“I notice you have an accent, which means you might be a part of the higher authority of a planet, perhaps anywhere from a royal guard to royalty itself.”

She looked at him unconvinced. “You think I could be royalty?”

“I think with your condition anything is possible for you.”

She fell silent but still wasn’t keen on the idea of staying in Acmetropolis with someone she hardly knew.

“Look, if it’s worth saying, at least stay until small fragments of your memory comes back. Something that may give you a solid clue.”

She hesitated to speak and then let out a hefty sigh of surrender. “If I mean that much to you, for some unknown reason, then I suppose I could think about it.”

Tech looked rather hopeful.

“But no promises.”

“I think I can live with that for now.”

They stared at each other for a moment. His gaze made her slightly uncomfortable. Not in the sense that he could attack her at any moment or do something drastic. No. His eyes were soft and caring, almost sympathetic and maybe a hint of something…something she just couldn’t place her finger on. She wasn’t sure what any of this meant, as far as she could think, she never had someone look at her like that.

Then there was another knock at the door. They looked up to see a yellow fur bunny standing at the door with a bunch of other animals.

“Hey Tech,” the bunny responded, “How’s the patient?”

“Prisoner,” another voice chimed in.

“Duck, be cool, would you?” a female voice said sternly.

“Well excuse me if I have a suspicious hunch about this chick,” the same voice replied.

“Excuse me!” Myka protested, “But this patient and chick has a name, you know?”

“Myka these are the Loonatics gang I was telling you about,” Tech explained.

He walked up to the yellow bunny.

“This is Ace, our leader.”

He gave her a respectful nod.

She returned it.

Then he went to the pink bunny. “Lexi.”

They shared smiles.

He merges over to the purple Tasmanian Devil and red roadrunner. “This is Slam and Rev.”

They waved eagerly at her.

“Hi,” Rev cried. “Boy it’s really glad to finally meet ya, I was kind of hoping you might be a mermaid since we found you in the ocean. Not that it’s a bad thing you’re not a mermaid— “

Tech placed two fingers on his beak. One below and above to close it. Then he turned over to Duck. He used his other hand and pointed behind him with his thumb. “And Mr. Suspicious hunch over here is Danger Duck, but we just call him Duck.”

He came up to the side of her, pushed in closer and pointed a finger at her. “But that is Mr. Danger Duck to you, got it?”

“And I am Myka to you, got it?” she countered.

They glared at each other.

“Okay Duck,” Ace pushed him away, “I’ll handle the questions from here,” he turned to Myka, “so…how are you feeling?”

“Better, thanks to you guys.”

“Tech says you don’t really have any memories of anything?”

She shook her head. “No, but Dr. Coyote said they should come back in time.”

“Chief,” Tech said, “I invited her to stay with us, just until she got back up on her feet. If it’s alright with you of course?”

“I told him that wasn’t necessary,” said Myka.

“I know I should have asked first, but— “

“But it really isn’t necessary,” Myka kept intercepting him.

“She’s right,” Duck chimed in, “she can manage now, she seems to have whatever spunk she had back.”

They ignored him.

“Why are you being so stubborn?”

“Why are you being so persistent?”

“Maybe because I don’t think it’s safe for you to go out in the whole galaxy with amnesia.”

“Hey, remember this?” she revealed a small light sphere. “I can handle myself.”

“Do you even remember how to use your powers?”

“Uh…hence the light sphere.”

“Do you remember what you can do? Do you remember your own strength?”

She about protested but didn’t.

“Do you even remember what you used your powers for?”

She still didn’t say anything.

“Well, looks like I got you to think for a moment.”

“I’m pretty sure my memories will come back to me through my powers,” Myka pointed out, “your sister said that we never forget anything, our memories are just lost and we don’t recall them.”

“Besides all that,” Ace finally cut in, “no offense Myka but we don’t know anything about you, but you not having your memories right now means that you are pretty harmless…”

“No offense taken since you’re right on both those points, not to mention I don’t know much about you guys.”

“If Dr. Coyote says you have the right to be released then maybe you could go off on your own, however, I do agree with Tech on the fact that you should stay here just until your strong enough. You’ve been in bed for three weeks now, and need to build your strength back up again.”

“Yes!” Tech cried.

“Okay I hear you there, but perhaps I cannot be a burden at your own home, I could find a hotel or something.”

“You know that’s not a bad idea,” Duck chimed in again, “I recommend Acme Hotels, they have a continental breakfast every morning, and they’re cheap, also partly owned by yours truly, I could get you a discount.”

“Alright fine, that may work,” Tech slightly agreed, “but I vote that someone keeps an eye on you.”

“I don’t need a body guard,” Myka replied defensively, “and you do not get to decide my living situation here. That should be of my choosing.”

“Perhaps but— “

“But nothing, just because my memory is gone doesn’t mean my life has to get decided for me. I’m still capable of taking care of myself and that’s how I’m going to keep it.”

“Oh boy,” Ace grunted, “alright, let’s be realistic here, Myka do you agree that you should stay here until you’re completely recovered?”

“To somewhat a degree,” she said.

“So, then we can help you get to a hotel and as far as body guards go, do you remember being attacked by anyone before being sent into the ocean?”

“Can’t seem to recall the moment, but I can let you in on that if I happen to remember.”

Ace thought for a second. “Then maybe you should have some protection, just in case, but I promise nothing over the top. Would that be okay with you?”

She sighed and shifted uncomfortably in her bed.

Then Dr. Coyote walked into the door.

“Oh, Dr. Coyote, they’re trying to get me to stay with them for a while, what do you recommend?”

Dr. Coyote looked around at the Loonatics, gave Tech a quick gaze and then turned back to her. “Normally, I would say head home and be around the things that seem familiar to you but since you don’t know where that is now and you have no family to contact, I say it’s something to consider,” she put her glare back on Tech, “as long as they’re not pushing too hard.”

“I’m not pushing anything,” he protested.

Myka and Fauna glared at him.

“So, what do you say Myka?” Ace lightly put a hand on her shoulder, “Can we help you out?”

She glanced at all of them and then thought for a minute. “Alright, I’ll stay,” she finally said, “but just until I’m strong enough to move again. Well that make you more at ease Tech?”

“Yeah that…” he cleared his throat, “that works for me.”

Then all their wrist watches started beeping.

“And that would be our cue,” said Lexi.

“Well we’re going to go catch a bad guy,” said Tech, “and then we’ll come pick you up.”

Myka gave him a wave with her fingers. “Have fun.”

Tech stood there for a second and stared curiously at her. He nervously lifted his arm in attempt to wave back at her. “Yeah, yeah bye.”

Then, Lexi gripped his arm and pulled him out of the room. “Come on, persistent hero.”

“Hey, Lexi! Ease off the wrist, my communicator is attached to that, you know,” Tech cried in protest.

Their voices diminished down the hall.

Myka sighed. “Is he like this with every civilian he saves?” she asked Dr. Coyote.

Dr. Coyote placed a cuff around her upper arm and placed her stethoscope inside it. “Well most of the time he’s saving groups of civilians most of which are families and when he’s not saving the planet from something he’s usually creating something in his lab.”

She began pumping air into the cuff.

“Are you saying I’m the only damsel in distress, he’s saved? Like ever?” she asked in disbelief.

Dr. Coyote listened for a moment and then pulled the cuff off her arm. “Well not the only damsel in distress, but the only one that he seems to take a liking to,” she paused to take out a small flash light, “look at the far corner for me for a quick second.”

She looked at Dr. Coyote unconvinced and then transitioned her gaze into a far-off corner by the door. She flashed the light in her eyes for a quick second but she tried not to flinch.

“Okay, good, no disruption, no sign of a fever,” she said and then pulled her stethoscope around to her ears and placed the metal piece on her chest, “take a couple of deep breaths for me?”

Myka inhaled and exhaled as much air as she could. She still felt a little sore that it did hurt to breathe. Almost like her breathing did more of a work out than her.

“For what it’s worth,” Dr. Coyote finally spoke, “Tech and the Loonatics are a great group of super heroes. I do agree that you shouldn’t be running around with memory loss now, take a little while to get to know yourself again, do things that may seem familiar to you. And while you do that, you are also in capable hands.”

She let out a hefty breath. Half of it was her actual breathing the other half was a reluctant sigh.

“Your heart beat seems strong, does it hurt to breathe?”

“Only a little bit, my chest feels a little sore.” She tried massaging it.

“Probably, from pumping the sea water out of you.”

She placed the stethoscope around her neck and pulled out a pad of paper.

“I don’t get it. How is it I feel stronger yet my body feels really weak?”

“You haven’t really used your muscles within a couple of weeks so your body is still healing a bit. Plus you’re mental abilities are quite something.”

“What does that mean?” Myka asked confused.

“Means you can be very stubborn,” Dr. Coyote clarified.

Myka thought about her comment. “Wow look at that, I’m already doing something that I’m familiar with.”

“The important thing is progress,” she said and began writing on her pad, “I’m still going to leave you with an over the counter pain med, just in case. If you still have the pain within a week or so, you come back to me. Understand?”

Myka nodded. “Thank you, Dr. Coyote, really.”

She smiled. “Call me Fauna, and it’s my job. Kind of like how your new friends are doing their jobs.”

She walked away leaving Myka in silence.


Ace blasted the bird like creature into the wall with his laser vision. It stunned him for a second, and then he let out a screech and peeled himself off the wall.

“Uh…anyone got any ideas?” Ace asked his team.

“I got him Ace,” said Tech.

He channeled in his telekinesis power and bent two metal bars. He wrapped them around the creature’s wings and brought him to the ground.

“Ha, we got you beak breath,” Duck taunted him.

The bird squawked at him again and he leaped back.

“Can it feathers, or I’ll punishment won’t be so pretty.”

“Nice job Tech and Duck stop tormenting Arial here before you become bird food,” said Ace.

Duck did one last mockery and just when the bird was going to take a snap at him, he quacked out of the way. “So, what are we going to do with squawkers over here?”

The bird let out another screech.

“Too bad this thing isn’t going to hold our new friend here for too long.”

“Did somebody hail a cab?” Lexi called from the skies in one of their ships. She pushed a green button and unleashed a cage big enough to surround and capture the creature.

Ace signaled her with a thumb up and a smile.

“Yeah, this ought to hold you,” Duck taunted him again.

The bird let out another screech and rocked the cage a little.

“Whoa,” Lexi cried, “hey hold still birdie.”

Then there was a small flash of white light and the bird disappeared.

“Did that just–” Ace asked thoughtfully.

“Yeah that just happened,” Tech said flatly.

“Quick, can you track those particles?”

Tech raised his wrist up to the cage and pushed a button on his communicator that released a scan of the area. When the scan was complete, he brought up another screen with his results. Tech stared at them confused. “That’s weird, there are no teleportation particles,” he said.

“Ah!” Ace grunted in frustration. “Okay, Tech, you and Lexi take the south end of the sky, Rev takes the north, Duck and Slam take the east, and I’ll take the west. The three of us will search through sky and land. Time to go bird hunting, let’s jet.”


Tech hopped into the ship with Lexi as she brought the cage back up. She passed over the wheel to Tech and they flew south.

“That creature apparently has some powers that we don’t know about and for some reason is using them at random. We should probably go through the data base and see if we could learn anything about our Big Bird friend,” he said.

Lexi put the info into the computer. “I’m scanning the data now,” she announced, “it will take a little bit of time.”

“I designed that computer, it should be able to find this creature in an instant,” he declared.

“There are a lot of bird creatures out there,” she pointed out, “this bird creature may not even be from Acmetropolis.”

“Yeah this is a rare, specific creature, there should be only one of its kind.”

“Yeah okay, then do you know the name of the bird?”

“Uh…not off the top of my head,” he admitted.

“Then we are doing this the long way.” She pushed the ‘start’ key on the screen and it began downloading several different pictures. “Until then…why don’t we talk about you and Myka?”

“Oh, don’t you start in now,” Tech groaned.

“Okay, you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

“Thank you.”

“But just know that I am the only girl on this team, so if you need a girl opinion I’m your gal.”

“Well…thanks for the consideration Lexi, but there is no me and Myka. She’s just a girl were helping out, nothing more.”

“Really? Then why did you want her to stay here so badly?”

“She’s still injured and needs to recover, she may act tough but I can tell she’s scared, I’m just looking out for her. Besides since she has no family or friends out here, she is still technically our responsibility.”

“So, you say, and you do kind of have a point, but is there something more that you’re not admitting to yourself?”

“There’s nothing else to admit, she just needs a little help, whether she thinks she does or not.”

“I’ve never seen you this persistent on a case involving someone we saved before Tech.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just means I hope you mean what you say and say what you think.”

Tech looked at her still confused. Before he could progress any further, a notification came up on the screen.

“Looks like our bird creature is a Pillar Bird, greeted by sunshine and peace within harmonize places…” she paused for a second, “its feathers gain powers from the sun and only uses them to shed light in the darkness to help people find their way when they are lost. It’s mostly a spiritual walk within the mind of a person and the journey within the destination…that’s strange, the scanner doesn’t show any listings about teleportation or strong wings, but the picture looks the same.”

“Maybe there’s a miscalculation?” Tech suggested.

“I don’t think so, remember when you couldn’t track it after it teleported, well maybe were not really chasing this Pillar Bird, maybe were chasing something that looks like it.”

“You mean we could be chasing a shapeshifter or a chameleon of some sort?”

“It’s possible.”

“But I still should have been able to track it back where we caught him.”

“Maybe he learned how to stay undetected?”

Tech wasn’t completely convinced about that.

“I’ll let Ace know,” said Lexi.

Tech directed his eyes back to the sky and caught something in the distance. “Wait, there it is,” he declared.

They both took sight of the bird circling around and coming back towards them.

“Whoa incoming,” Lexi cried.

Tech pulled up and over the bird. It kept flying towards east, towards the downtown part of the city.

“Duck, Slam,” Lexi called into her communicator, “our bird of a feather is heading in your direction, looks like it might be heading towards the city.”

“We’re on it Lexi,” Duck responded.

“Hey, any idea of what creature were facing here?” Ace chimed in.

“Not exactly,” Tech answered, “the creature isn’t as it appears to be, so stay on guard.” Then his communicator went off again and his scanner revealed a picture of his sister. “Hello?”

“Tech,” Fauna replied.

“Fauna, what’s wrong?”

“I know you were probably not expecting to hear from me so soon, but you guys are the super heroes.”

“Is it the Pillar Bird?”

“It’s a bird creature of some sort, and its attacking the hospital.”

“We’ll be right there, hide somewhere and stay safe, Duck and Slam are on their way.”

“Please be careful Tech.”

He hung up and they made the drive over to the hospital. When they parked on the opposite end of the street they caught sight of the bird soaring around the hospital and screeching into the shattered windows as it beats its wings against the stone walls.

“Eh okay gang time to pluck that quaky bird’s feathers,” said Ace.

Duck pulled him back. “Uh how do we exactly do that? The last time we caught him, he disappeared out of thin air.”

“We should at least try to move it away from the city,” Tech suggested, “get it to an area where it can do more damage than its already doing.”

“In the data base, it said the Pillar Bird was attracted to sunlight, maybe it would follow a moving sun beam?” said Lexi.

“But you guys said that this bird may not be what it seems,” said Ace.

“Well…maybe not but it’s worth a shot, and if we can’t attract maybe we can blind it, so we can take a chance to bring it down.”

The bird let out another screech and used both wings to smash the walls in.

“This might just do the trick,” said Duck and Lexi together as they held up hand held mirrors.

They all looked at Duck curious yet confused.

“What?” he said to Lexi, “Just because you’re the only girl on the team doesn’t mean you’re the only one that has to look good fighting.”

“Remind me to comment on that later,” said Ace. “Alright, Slam, Rev go get that bird’s attention. When the moment is right, Tech and I can use our laser vision and telekinesis to bounce off those mirrors.”

They ran in opposite directions. Tech and Ace activated their jet packs and soared to the half-broken top floor of the hospital. As they managed to bring some of the patients down to the safety of the ground, Tech kept an eye out for Myka.

Where is she? Huh?

Something caught his eye with the monstrous bird. The way his wings were hitting the building. It was only on one side. He flew over to the east side and found Myka crouched on the floor with Fauna under some type of shield. He figured it must be Myka, since Fauna does not have any super natural powers. He looked over to see that Lexi and Duck were in position then he turned to Ace.

“We got to move fast chief.”

Ace followed Rev and Slam as they diverted the bird towards them. Once the bird had caught sight of them, Ace signaled Tech with a nod and he channeled in his laser vision. Tech did the same and unleashed his power. They formed together and aimed straight for the two mirrors. Duck and Lexi held their mirrors up towards the sky and created a light that glowed dimly against the gloomy purple sky.

“Here birdie, birdie,” Ace called to it, “follow the dancing light.”

The bird aimed towards the light. Instantly breaking through it. Tech took notice that the bird wasn’t even interested in the light. The bird let out another screech and folded in his wings and formed into a nosedive towards the hospital. Tech quickly realized that the bird was going after Fauna and Myka. Just before the bird could make his attack, Tech jumped in front of them and activated his firewall shield.

“Tech,” Fauna cried out to him.

Tech used his strength to hold the bird back. “You guys better get going,” he grunted, “I’m not sure how long I can hold him.”

“But— “Myka about protested.

“Do as I say, now,” he demanded.

Myka reluctantly released her shield and they both headed towards the safe exit. They realized that the small elevator was only made for one. Myka looked at the elevator and then back at Tech who was still fighting off the bird like creature. Without waiting for a response, she pushed Fauna into the elevator.

“Go, now.”

“But Myka,” Fauna protested.

“I’ll be fine, get somewhere safe.”

She closed the door and pushed the button that sent the elevator down. Once Fauna was out of sight she ran back to Tech. She brought out her shield in front of his, which surrounded them both and seemed to slow the bird down.

“Myka?” Tech cried.

“Not one word from you. Look Tech, I may not remember a lot of things right now, but I do remember how to use my powers and you could use some help, so I’m going to give it to you whether you want it or not.”

Tech stared at her for a moment and then looked back at the bird. Before Tech could do something, Slam ransacked the bird into the shoulder. He hit his head against the wall and knocked out. Tech and Myka released their shields.

“Well that was invigorating,” said Myka, “what got under this bird’s feathers anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Tech admitted, “but we need a plan B, the light that we created didn’t work.”

“Tech,” Ace came in on his communicator, “Duck said he had an idea to get something bigger that could help, we just need to keep feathers busy a little while longer.”

“You were trying to draw it away from here using light? Is that what that dimly lit thing was in the sky?” Myka asked curiously.

“If you must know, this type of bird might be attracted to shiny things, so with a mirror and a little bit of sunlight, we could probably guide it out of the city,” Tech explained.

“Uh I don’t know how great your eye sight is but that light was not bright enough to attract that lovely big balls of feathers.”

Myka looked at the bird thoughtfully and then had an idea.

“Why use a mirror, when you can use me?” She revealed a small light sphere.

“You called our light weak? That sphere can’t even blind the pillar bird.”

“Only a little, but I picked up something with both our shields, you have some light power in you, Tech, light power that is compatible to mine.”


“So, if you would be willing to let me fly with you and you channel in your energy to mine then we can create a shiny bright light and guide big bird away from here.”

Tech looked at her unconvinced.

Then the bird started to stir about.

“And I would think fast, take in this point, I’m probably a lot lighter than what Duck is supposedly bringing.”

Tech let out a reluctant growl. “Slam, go find the others, tell them that we’ll lead big guy over here, to the prison, they have cells that can neutralize his powers, and when Duck is on his way back, tell him that’s where he needs to go.”

Slam nodded and said something in his gibberish language and made it back down to the bottom of the hospital.

Tech hesitated for a moment as he caught sight of the bird coming to, then he turned to Myka. “Wrap your arm around my shoulder,” he told her.

She revealed a small smile and did as she was told.

Once Tech had her secured in his arm, he activated his jet pack, and eased them into the air. “So how does this power energy idea of yours work?”

“I just need a source of power. Release a sphere of power of…whatever it is you do…what power do you have?”

“I’m a powerful diabolical genius with the power of telekinesis and regeneration,” he said simply.

Myka looked at him blankly. “Any of that by chance means you can channel in a source of positive light energy?”

He extended his hand, channeled in his power and made his full eyes turn green. “You mean something like this?”

“Perfect.” She placed her hand in his and felt the energy flow through her. Both their energies combined into a bright light. “Hey pretty bird,” she called out, “we got a shiny toy for you.”

The bird screeched and leaped towards them. It was fast and they barely had time to dodge.

“That’s it, follow the dancing light,” Myka taunted it.

Then the bird swift around with its large wing and came at them once again.

“Okay, diabolical genius, which way to the prison?”

Tech was about to carry her over to the prison, when the bird suddenly disappeared for a second and then appeared again behind them. He wacked them with his large wings but they kept hanging on.

“Wow that thing is fast,” said Myka.

“Maybe we can weaken it by attacking together,” Tech suggested.

Myka nodded that she agreed and then Tech flew them over towards the hospital again.

“Okay get ready,” Tech warned her.

The bird started flying over towards them.

“Now,” he signaled her.

They both channeled in their powers. A mixture of green and white aimed right at the pillar bird. They blasted him in the not so far distance, slightly stunning him. Once again, he shook it off and aimed right towards them. They braced themselves for another attack and unleashed their shields. They couldn’t help noticing that their shields combined released a strange energy and blasted away the bird. It floated in midair for a minute, let out another screech and teleported. They both stared in awe for a second. Confused of how their powers could do unleash that kind of strength, also where the mystical bird of illusions would be heading towards now.

“What was that?” Tech asked her skeptically.

She knew he was referring to the moment with their powers.

“Honestly, I was kind of hoping you would know,” she admitted, “but thank you for trusting me either way,” she let out a tired breath, “now can I trust you to put us down?”

He flew down. Myka slid off his shoulder and collapsed to the ground.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded. Her blue eyes seemed very tired. “Yeah. Guess my strength wasn’t completely back yet.”

“Why did you need to do that?” Tech crouched down to her level.


They suddenly heard Duck cry.

“What do you mean he flew off? Do you know how hard it was to find the perfect shiny mirror?”

Myka turned to Tech. “He just got here with ‘the perfect shiny mirror’ would we have still been fighting or been bird chow by now?”

Tech stared at her for a second. “I don’t know who you are, but I do know that you are one stubborn girl.”

She revealed a flat smile. “So I’ve been told.”

Then she looked around at the well damaged hospital.

“But all stubbornness aside, I guess I have no choice but to take that hotel offer now.”

“Seriously guys?” Duck cried out, “I was gone for only five minutes and these two decided to save the day?”

“I’ll find you a deal somewhere, something tells me that you won’t count on that discount from Duck,” said Tech.

Her smile became small. She felt bad that she took Duck’s parade but she was happy it was all over…for now.

The rest of the Loonatics met up with them.

“Okay geek lord, you may have gotten the bird away from the city, but that means we have to go out and find it again,” Duck cried.

“Sorry Duck,” Tech said, “the bird is fast. Even if it didn’t teleport its way out, we couldn’t fly after it.”

“You probably could have if you didn’t have extra weight on your shoulder.”

“Hey if it wasn’t for that light power, we probably be in that bird’s stomach right now,” Myka protested.

“Oh sure, let’s just leave it to Myka here,” Duck countered, “Myka the ever so conquering hero with short term memory.”

Myka just glared at him.

“Okay Loonatics, we need a new plan and regroup, Duck and Lexi scout the city and make sure the bird is completely gone for now, the rest of us will help clean up the hospital.”

“Tech,” a voice called to him.

He looked over and saw his sister in the distance. “Oh Fauna,” he said relieved.

Fauna joined him beside Myka. She wrapped her arms around her brother.

“I’m so glad you’re safe,” she said.

“Me too, I was really worried.”

“Well thanks to Myka, pushing me onto that elevator just in time I was able to escape before it collapsed. If I hadn’t well…I may not be here right now.”

They both gazed down at Myka and shared smiles with her.

“Yeah glad to see you’re alright Fauna,” Ace chimed in and turned towards Tech, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Uh…Fauna would you mind?” Tech shifted his eyes towards Myka.

“Of course,” she said almost instantly, “go on, I got her, and you got work to do.”

Tech gave her a nod and then walked with Ace until Fauna and Myka were out of ear shot.

“She’s a citizen, an injured one at most, why did you let her do that?” Ace demanded.

“She’s kind of persuasive,” he admitted thoughtfully, “not to mention stubborn. She seemed to have the confidence so I let her help.”

“She’s a mystery, Tech, a mystery that we can’t trust yet.”

“I know…”

“Then you need to start being more careful next time around, obviously she is more powerful than we know, probably than she knows too.”

“Maybe,” he turned towards her, “maybe not,” he turned back to Ace, “with that kind of knowledge it is definitely best that we keep our eyes on her.”

“What are you thinking?”

“That Pillar Bird was attacking only this side of the hospital, when I was holding her up against that creature, I noticed that it only looked at Myka, it’s as if it was after only Myka.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“It’s merely just a haunch, but that bird came in the picture right after Myka woke up from her coma. I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence.”

Ace nodded thoughtfully. “It’s a possibility. Alright, we take this in consideration but no more helping until she is completely healed, understand?”

Tech nodded.

“In the mean time we will protect Myka by taking turns guarding her and I know just the hotel we can send her to.”

Loonatics Unleashed Season 3 Episode 3

Myka stared out her window at the horizon. The gloomy purple skies outlined the buildings of downtown Acmetropolis. Just above she could see small glimmers of stars twinkling.

“Now that I’m much stronger and the danger has passed,” she spoke quietly, “there is an opportunity to get out of here. Even though I stopped the pillar bird, that doesn’t mean he’s still out there searching for me. If I go now, they will wonder but they’ll forget I even existed and they’ll be safe. That’s something I can live with.”

With her final thought in mind she unlatched the window. Before she could push open the window panes, there was a knock at the door.

“Hey Myka,” a voice spoke through the door. “Are you awake?”

The voice didn’t really seem familiar to her.

“Er…yes…” she hesitated.

“I thought maybe you would like to explore the city.”

She looked back towards the window and then back at the door. The voice brought her curiosity. So she cautiously walked up and slid the door open. The swished sound revealed the pink bunny from the Loonatics.

“Oh hello,” she said surprised, “you’re Lexi right?”

She gave her a curt nod. “That’s right.”

“I thought Tech was on ‘guard duty’ last night.”

“Ace asked him back to HQ, he thought he could use some proper rest,” she explained.

“Oh,” she nodded in thought.

“Listen, I know it must seem like a prison in here, mainly because Ace doesn’t trust you yet, but I thought maybe you would like to see the city, get some fresh air. The kind that doesn’t have a monster chasing after you for two days. What do you say? Downtown has a lot to offer and there’s a great Chinese place for lunch.”

“Oh…” surprised was still in her tone, “Uh…” she thought back to her room.

“Unless you want to stay in there all day until another mission comes around for you to step into.”

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do one last patrol of the city, plus Lexi seems to know where everything is, I can at least escape without getting lost somewhere…

She turned back to Lexi and let out a small chuckle. “It sounds great Lexi, I would love to join you.”

“Well let’s go while the day is still young,” she said eagerly.

Myka stepped out and closed the door. “And I would just like to point out that I wasn’t merely stepping in, I was just performing a ‘thank you aid’.”

“Thank you aid?” she asked.

“Yeah, Tech gave me details about Duck being skeptical when you first found me. Yet you guys still took care of me, and I hated the thought of you guys fighting a battle that was probably mine to begin with, so I stepped in where I think I should help. But maybe I overstep my bounds.”

“Nah,” Lexi said thoughtfully, “I think your heart was in the right place. The others will soon eventually see that. Even Duck.”

“Still, thank you for today, I can’t wait to see what Acmetropolis has to offer.”

They shared smiles.

Lexi signaled them with a small twitch of her head. “Let’s go.”


Tech stared at the canister with the flower inside. He thought back to the battle and then traveled back to Myka. He thought about the way she took control of the fight. It was very intriguing, to him. Within days she’s out of the hospital she’s now strong, confident in what she knows. Her power is strong. She healed up quick.

I may have lost my memories but I didn’t lose my sense of knowledge, her voice echoed in his head.

So she remembers her knowledge, the things she’s learned, but she can’t remember any personal memories? I guess that would be a better clue if it wasn’t so vague…

“Hey Tech,” Ace walked in. “How’s the research going?”

“She is complicated,” he blurted out, “no real information, nothing in the database, no missing person report, I can’t believe I’m saying this but she is like a ghost…a breathing, live, complicated yet vague ghost that has no background but may know more than what she’s leading on but even I’m not sure about that and it drives me crazy, she drives me crazy— “

“Eh Tech,” Ace cut him off, “take a breather, you’re starting to ramble like Rev.”

Tech took a breath. “Sorry, I’m assuming you meant about the pillar bird sunflower?”

“Yeah, that be a good place to start.”

He sighed. “That’s complicated too, the good news is the Polonius Pteraptus Solosis Peony stays in the beaker it stays a plant, the bad news is the scientific Martian is out there and can still create more of these luminous figures of unnatural species.”

Ace gave him an analytical look. “Tech did you just make up those words?”

“Science is the only thing that makes sense to me, I needed scientific words…or at least words that sound scientific,” he protested.

“Okay…scientific Martian?”

Tech glared at him. “You try describing a wizard.”

“How about Myka?” Ace suggested. “Her powers are mysterious and her knowledge on things.”

Suddenly Duck quacked in between them. “Aha! So, you find her suspicious too.”

Ace released an annoyed grunt. “We’re still getting to know her, Duck. I don’t think Myka is an evil wizard.”

“That’s probably what she wants you to think.”

“But why would Myka go through all of that?” Tech wondered, “Why plan something so elaborate?”

“She does try to steal our thunder,” said Duck, “maybe she’s trying to replace all of us.”

“When she got here, she wanted to leave,” said Tech.

“Yeah, if she wanted to leave so bad why would she go through an elaborate scheme to get rid of all of us?”

“Maybe she just wanted you to think that, lead you guys, lead all of us on, gather our trust and then…bam! Her true colors come out and we are either memorial heroes or washed a up has been who may relive glory days only in our dreams.”

They stared at Duck worriedly.

“Duck,” Ace placed a hand on his shoulder, “you’re a decent friend, which is why I say this as a friend…sometimes I worry about you with the levels of drama that you possess.”

Duck gasped. “I’m not trying to be dramatic, that is a decent of plan of reason. We’ve been played out before, or do you not remember the ‘Deuce’ incident.”

“He does kind of have a point,” Tech admitted.

Ace glared at the two but said nothing. Then he turned away and began pacing in thought. “Alright, say Duck’s quaky idea is true…why? Why go through all of this?”

Tech thought back to when they first discovered Myka. He shook his head. “Something doesn’t add up. If only Myka knew more about her past.”

“Yeah, then we would have more info about her background.”

“Wait,” a thought came to him, “that gives me an idea.”

He pushed the holocom on his communicator.

“Who are you calling?” Ace asked curiously.

“When we first found Myka, Fauna said that she is SPB+, so she of course has super powers but Fauna never specified her powers.”

They looked at him blankly.

“Powers are a lot like blood types, there are different kinds.”

“Meaning?” Duck asked slowly.

“Hello,” Fauna finally answered.

“Hey Fauna, when you ran Myka’s tests so you remember the super power types you found?”

“I believe I saw a combination of things, I think she was placed under the elemental category.”

“Any others?”

“Not that I can think of, but her blood counts were highly concentrated.”

“Highly concentrated?”

“Yeah, she’s powerful, that’s why I warned you to be careful.”

“You sure she didn’t have any other combinations? We’ve experienced her elemental powers, but is it possible she could be this illusionist we’ve been trying to track?”

“You’re asking if she could be a wizard?”

“Worth a shot,” he urged her.

“To test that we would need another blood test, because she wasn’t specified for that type of test.”

“So, you’re saying that we would have to convince miss prim and proper of the stubborn society to do another blood test?” he asked in disbelief.

“There’s another way.”


“You could just ask the girl,” she suggested.

“She has amnesia Fauna, she’s barely remembering her powers.”

“Tech, what’s the point in this?” Ace asked, “Why the curiosity on Myka’s Powers?”

“If she does or doesn’t have the powers of a wizard will prove if she created the pillar bird, which would prove Duck’s theory.”

“Okay, I see where this is going,” Fauna replied, “guys, when Myka awoke from her coma she was very weak, when the pillar bird attacked, she only defeated that bird with Tech’s extra source of power. There’s no way she could have created that creature.”

“There are no other wizards out there.”

“Tech just because you can’t see it on a screen or chart doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” Fauna snapped.

“I know…I…I know, I just also know that there’s more to Myka than meets the eye.”

“There is, but Myka has to will her memories to come, until then there is nothing to do except wait.”

He let out a reluctant sigh. “Thanks for the info,” he grumbled.


He hung up with her.

“I still think she has something to do with that bird that’s now a weed,” said Duck.

Then another ringer went off. “Loonatics, there’s danger downtown,” a voice replied in urgency, “please hurry.”


“Thanks again for the invite Lexi,” said Myka as they took a seat on the bench by the fountain. “Acmetropolis is really something. Almost high-tech modern. The mall is big and the sky ride was breath taking, not to mention I can’t complain about the Chinese food.”

“Of course, downtown is one of my favorite places, there’s so much culture and life. Reminds me what I’m always protecting.”

Myka thought about what she said and silently agreed with her. “That’s a good way to think Lexi, I’m sure your job isn’t easy.”

“Yeah, we’ve had our challenges but they make us stronger in the end. Right now, Tech is becoming stronger by researching what he can about you and our recent mysterious monster,” she chuckled.

“He has not let up yet, has he?”

Lexi shook her head. “He’s pretty determined about you.”

“Well if he does find anything on me, I could only hope it’s everything he is expecting.”

“Actually, this might be a good thing for Tech, because finally something just might surprise him.”

Myka grew quiet.



“Not everything has to have expectations, especially if they think they need to keep running from everything, or everyone?”

Myka perked up her head and looked at her surprised.

“Super ears don’t lie,” she pointed to them guiltily.

“So, you did hear everything I said this morning.”

“Yeah, do you remember who you’re running from?”

“My brain is still a little fuzzy, I just feel like I’m a part of the wizard that’s been creating the chaos.”

“Ah so that’s why you felt like you should leave, because he would follow you.”

Myka nodded.

“But you’re making progress, and you’ve managed to take care of yourself. You seem to know what you’re doing. I think you just need to give yourself a little more time. Start off small, like here. After all you like the city, now right?”

She looked at Lexi unconvinced and nodded.

Then someone came smashing through the downtown center and came mid post to the fountain.

“Whoa!” they cried and ducked behind the bench.

“Acmetropolis!” the voice cried, “Obey me as your new Lord, or become rock candy statues.”

Myka took noticed of a short stocky guy with goggle like glasses and a half-formed head made of stone. He carried a staff, long and solid with a jade stone in the center.

“Dr. Thaddeus Dare?” Lexi recognized him.

“Thaddie who now?”

“One of our enemies, he was turned to stone, how did he escape?”

“How did he get the name Thaddeus?” she asked flatly.

He shot at them with a blast of his scepter. They ducked and then peered behind their bench.

“Oh, the little things,” he walked up to them, “don’t worry, my name will be the least of your worries once you’re all living statues. Now hold still Bunny.”

Myka intercepted and created a shield and blocked his next attack. She reflected the attack to him and shoved him into a building. Then she noticed something.

“He doesn’t have a shadow,” she said quietly.

“What?” Lexi asked.

“He doesn’t have a shadow,” she repeated out loud. She pointed to the ground. “It’s possible he could be another illusion.”

Lexi looked down at the collapsed Dr. Dare and saw no shadow either. “So then the guy must be nearby.”

They looked around. The clearing was empty.

“He can’t be too far,” said Myka, “but first let’s take care of Mr. Rock and Roll here.”

Lexi nodded.

Lexi channeled in her power, making her eyes turn pink. With enough focus her brain blast appeared between her ears. Myka combined her water and fire power to create a hot steam that would easily burn him. Together they combined their powers and blasted away Dr. Dare. His dust particles trailed through the wind.

“That was too easy…” Myka thought.

“Lexi,” she heard Ace’s voice.

The rest of the gang appeared behind him.


He flew down and gave her a hug. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“We got a call from city council, saying Dr. Dare had returned.”

“I wonder…”

Myka conjured up her wind power, gathered all the dust particles and then released them into a straight line. They kept floating in one direction.

“Well there goes Dr. Dare now,” she announced, “What’s left of him anyway.”

The others stared at the trail confused.

“He was another illusion,” Lexi explained.

“I see,” Duck countered, “and would this be another plot to destroy and save, would it?”


“Duck, it couldn’t have been Myka,” Lexi cut in again, “she was with me the whole time, not to mention she probably would have left by now if I didn’t pull her out of the hotel room.”

Tech turned confused and then turned to Myka. “You tried to run away again?”

She nodded. “But before you lecture me, Lexi taught me something about remembering who she always protects. If I was a villain, she would have alerted you guys by now, she would have hand cuffed me or something. Anything to protect you guys. And as you can see,” she raised her hands up, “no harm,” she turned to Duck, “if I must give you guys the benefit of the doubt, then you need to do the same for me.”

Duck glared at her, but didn’t say anything.

“Now I believe there’s a wizard we need to find.”

She pointed towards the trail and began running.

The others followed her. They head straight and made a left turn down an alley, hopped over a fence and made a right turn and another right down another alley. It came to a halt in the center but there was no wizard.

“Well,” Myka sighed, “I guess that was a dud.”

“Not necessarily,” said Tech.

He held up a jar of dust particles.

“With enough samples, maybe I can trace where this type of power comes from. Hopefully, I can find the planet and narrow down our search. Not bad thinking with the elementals, Myka.”

She gave him a look of gratitude.

“Alright, Tech head back to HQ and start tracking, Slam, Rev, Lexi, we’ll do one last patrol before heading back.”

“What about me?” Duck asked.

“You can take Myka back to the hotel,” he said.

“What?” he protested.

“Ace, don’t worry about me, my powers are back, I’ll make my way back.”

Ace shook his head. “I believe Lexi when she says that you are no threat, but that means that the threat is still after you, possibly, its best if you have some backup. Besides, you two could use this time to get to know one another a little more.”

“I’m still getting to know you,” she pointed out.

“Well right now it’s Duck’s turn.”

They both were about to protest when Ace activated his jet pack and flew up with the others. They sighed and headed in the opposite direction.


Duck and Myka walked in awkward silence.

“So…” she dragged out the word, “I guess I should apologize for stealing your thunder last week.”

“Uh…yeah, wouldn’t hurt,” he responded.

“I do apologize.”

“Wait you do?” he asked surprised.

She nodded. Her eyes seemed sincere to him.

“Oh…thank you.”

“I guess, since losing my memories and being in a strange place now, I guess I needed to prove myself, and maybe I still do, but maybe I could have done that without interfering in your guy’s mission.”

“Well…I guess as part of my forgiving nature I can let you off the hook.”

“Uh…thanks,” she said slightly uncertain.

She shook it off.

“Anyway, I hope we can try and be friends?”

He grunted in thought. “I suppose, but don’t think I’m leaping into the idea so quickly.”

“Fair enough.”

“And for what it’s worth, I know how you feel…about needing to prove yourself, so…”

She revealed a corner smirk. “Nah, a handsome daredevil like you?”

“No, no its true, I know I appear as an all-powerful hero, strong and ruthless but I too have the common problem of fitting in.”

“Well what do you know? The Mr. Danger Duck has human qualities after all.”

He stared at her for a second. “Very funny.”

Myka revealed a smile before opening the door and then slipped into her room. Composed with her thoughts.

That monster was way too easy to defeat and why did it leave a trail?

Then she let out a gasp as it hit her like a ton of bricks. Something came back to her memories, something she had known all along.

The trail was a trap! Tech gathered it to analyze it but its magic which means it can come back to life…and stronger.

She jumped out of her thoughts and opened the door. “Duck, we need to warn Tech,” she spoke urgently.


“Listen, Tech has some very dangerous particles, I couldn’t understand why that illusion was easy to beat but now I do. These particles can come back to life and stronger.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t be running out of here if I wasn’t.” She grabbed hold of Duck and began running down the hall to the elevator.

“Hold it Houdini,” Duck cried.


Duck held out his communicator and called Tech. “Come in Tech,” he spoke into it.

“What’s up Duck?”

“Whatever you do, do not open the jar,” Myka shouted into it. “It’s very dangerous.”

“What? Myka slow down, what are you going on about?”

“I was wondering why the illusion was easy to beat. A wizard can store energy for later. Since you’re storing it in a jar, once you released it, the particles reform, and its stronger.”

“How do you know this?”

“Research goes a long way, try it sometime, just promise me you won’t open it.”

“Alright Myka, I hear you, I promise.”

“Thank you,” she let out a sigh of relief.

Duck hung up and looked at her. “You really do care about us, don’t you?”

She nodded. “Of course.”

Duck hesitated a moment and extended a hand out to her. Myka wasn’t sure at first what he was trying to do, then she understood that he was ready to open his mind to her. She extended her hand out towards him. Quickly, Duck pulled his hand back.

“This doesn’t mean I trust you yet, just means I’m willing to try.”

He placed his hand back out.

Myka didn’t flinch. “If you are, then I am too.”

Her hand met his and they shook on it.


Back at HQ, Tech gazed at the open jar and then looked into the distance. His eyes were evil looking and he let out a sinister chuckle.

“Well the coast seems clear around the city,” said Ace, “good thing you collected that dust trail, we may have lost Mr. Wizard but at least he can’t do anymore damage.”

Tech stared at him for a moment and eased up out of his chair.

“And the girl?” he spoke in a hypnotic voice, “Is she safe?”

“Huh? Oh yeah Myka is fine. Duck got her back safe and sound.”


He headed out the door.

“Where are you going?”

“To see the princess.”

“The princess? Her name is Myka, Tech are you feeling alright?”

“I’m fine,” he snapped, “I must see the princess, she and I have some catching up to do.”

He headed out the lab, leaving Ace dumbfounded. He followed after Tech.

“Catching up? Tech you just saw her, not to mention its late, I’m sure she’s tired.”

Tech ignored him and kept on walking.

“Hey Ace,” rev speeded up, “where’s Tech heading? Oh is getting a pizza? I could really go for a pizza, I’m starving, oh maybe I could catch him and asked him if he could get a pizza oh he probably needs cash or maybe he’ll treat—“

“Rev, he’s not picking up a pizza, listen, he started acting weird and hes heading back to the hotel. Do me a favor and follow him and make sure there’s nothing going on between him and Myka.”

“I’m on it, I won’t lose track of him, I’m on him like a bloodhound.”

Rev speeded away and caught up with Tech. He stayed a couple feet away and remained undetected. He followed Tech down to the hotel and up to Myka’s room. He gazed the area and didn’t spot Duck.

“That’s weird,” he thought, “where’s Duck?”

Before Rev could worry about Duck, Tech knocked on Myka’s door.

“Oh Tech,” Myka said surprised, “I thought Duck was burning the midnight oil.”

“You and I need to talk,” he spoke with forced anger.

“Is this about me trying to leave again? Because I do apologize for that, I’m just…I’m just stuck, I’m not used to this kind of care. But like I said I’m giving this place the benefit of the doubt, in fact I…”

“Cut the sap,” he snapped.

“Excuse me?” she said taken aback.

“I’m not here because of that, princess, this is your final departure.”

“Princess? Tech are you feeling alright? I know I haven’t known you for a long time but you seem a bit out of character.”

Tech let out a low growl and caught a strange glow in his eyes.

“Oh, oh I see,” she became skeptical, “you open the jar, didn’t you?”

Tech let out a chuckle. “Tech isn’t here anymore, love.”

Its you, she thought. Then she spoke out loud. “Well in that case…”

She created a small amount of power and blasted him into the wall. Rev speeded up to her.

“Boy, what’s with you guys? You sure have a weird relationship even though you guys have only met a few weeks ago, man if this is what you guys do when you like each other I hate to see what you do when you guys hate each other—“

Before Rev could say another word, Myka placed her fingers on his beak.

“I forgot you’re the talkative one. Listen to me, that dust trail that Tech collected has entered his brain and now has been relived as the wizard.”

Rev looked at her confused.

“The wizard is speaking through Tech,” she simplified. Then she released his beak.

“So, you’re saying that’s not really Tech in there?”

“That’s right,” Tech finally came to, “Tech is gone, and the ghost of a wizard is here for you dear Myka.”

“Over my dead body,” Myka declared. “What did you do with Duck?”

He released another chuckle and held up the jar. “He made a very nice collector item.”

Rev and Myka gasped.

“Hey,” Duck cried, “let me out of here or be prepared to be pulverized by the power of Danger Duck.”

“You pull a pretty tough talk with that bill; too bad you can’t back it up.”

Myka knee-high kicked the jar out of his hand. She caught it and opened it. Duck popped out of the jar and returned to normal. He staggered a little bit. He shook his head to clear it.

“Duck, are you okay?”

“I think so,” he groaned a little. Then he shook his head to clear it.

“Too bad that feeling won’t last long” Tech taunted them.

“What’s the deal Tech?” Duck protested.

“It’s not Tech,” Myka stressed, “the wizard has control over him.”

Duck looked over at Tech to see him in a fight position and a determined look in his eyes. “Okay I can see that, so what do we do?”

Myka looked over at him worriedly, and then walked up to him. “Tech, please I know you’re in there somewhere, so please give me some sort of sign so I can help you.”

“Oh, sweet dear princess,” he slammed a hand on her shoulder.

She winced at the strong hold on her.

“Why you think you can save these guys is pathetic, this Tech you speak of is gone.”

Myka didn’t listen to him. “Tech, please listen to me,” she pleaded as she withheld his strong grip. “You’re under his spell, you have to fight it, I believe you have it in you.”

They stared at each other for a moment. Myka focused on his eyes. They shifted a bit and for a second she thought she saw Tech’s eyes return to her but they returned to the wizard’s eyes. He made his grip stronger and pushed her back. The force was so strong that it threw her across the hall and smacked into a wall. As she winced, she peeled her back off the wall.

“Well, the strength is certainly still there,” she grunted.

Duck and Rev ran up to her.

“Boy, its like Tech has suddenly become super Tech with that wizard power, certainly has change his personality and frankly Tech, I liked you better without the power makeover.”

“That’s just the beginning of what I can do,” he taunted.

“Yeah well get a load of what I can do,” Duck declared.

He channeled in his power, until his eyes turned orange and then unleashed a couple of orbs at him. Just when Duck thought he got him, Tech shielded them away and disintegrated them.

“Is that all you got, pesky Duck?”

“Oh, I definitely got more,” he boasted, “you shouldn’t underestimate me.”

“Or me,” Rev joined in next to him.

Tech let out a growl of frustration. “Doesn’t matter, because my interest doesn’t concern you two irritable birds.”

He blasted them across the hall with Myka.

“Way to join the club guys,” she said flatly.

“Anyone got any ideas how to cool his jets?”

Myka peeled herself off the wall and pulled herself up. “Call Ace and the others, you guys are going to need all the help you can get fighting him from the outside while I fight from the inside.”

“How are you supposed to do that?”

“Remember my powers are back, I have ways,” she said confidently.

“Yeah that sounds great, but which inside are you thinking of?”

“Oh boy, look you know how we’re connected to our powers? It’s because we are linked body, mind and soul, so I need to get inside Tech’s head to help him fight for his body back.”

“Oh, I get it, so you get Tech’s mind back and we get his body back.”

“Yeah, except how do you get into someone’s mind? Especially Tech’s brain? It’s like clutter century in there.”

“Blah, blah, so much talking,” Tech said annoyed, “you guys are like quizzical crickets.”

“You’re right, talking is over,” she took a couple of steps towards him and turned towards Duck and Rev, “Go now.”

She turned back to Tech.

“Okay Tech, I know you’re still in there and I’m coming to get you, just give me an opening. Let me in.”

Tech came towards her, controlled by the wizard.

That’s it Tech, this guy does not have control over you, let your guard down long enough to let me in…

She gazed into his eyes and when there was a second he finally seemed to let go, she took a deep breath and let the spirit of her mind enter his. When she had taken place in his mind, she opened her eyes and surprise took over her.

“Whoa!” she gazed around.

Machines surrounded his mind. Gears shifted and clicked. Making different sounds from the tick tock of a clock to the sounds of a strong horse power motor, guns shooting. Bang! Swish! Pop! The sound of lasers, the sizzle of it burning into some metal. The welding and bending of types of metal. Drawing boards and chalk lined the base that she walked on. Equations, diagrams, blue prints. They started from where she walked and never end.

“Duck was right, this is clutter century. Tech? Tech, where are you?” Her voice echoed through the long hall as she began walking. “Tech? Coyote?”

She caught sight of his power flowing ahead of her. Taking that as a clue she followed the power trail. As she went farther into his mind the hallway seemed to widen until she came to what she assumed was the main control system and spotted Tech in the center. A slightly different Tech.

“Hey Tech, there are you are,” she said with relief.

He finally stood up and faced her. She came to a halt and stared at him amazed.


He seemed dismantled. His fur was ruffled and was hooked to a bunch of pipes. Thick long hoses attached to him and into some sort of machine. His eyes were a blank green.

“Cyborg Tech,” she said thoughtfully, “that’s something I’m sure your teammates have never seen before.”

“Myka,” he finally spoke, “I’m so glad you’re here, I…I can’t defeat him on my own. He’s too powerful.”

“Yes, he is Tech, but not unbeatable. You’re not fighting the wizard, you are fighting his magic. The only thing that can defeat magic is magic.”

“But I don’t know magic.”

“Sometimes you don’t need to have powers to be considered magic, sometimes all you need is a little bit of heart.”

Tech looked at her confused.

“Fight him with the spirit of your heart Tech.” She placed a hand on his chest and one hand on hers. “I’ll be fighting right alongside you.”

“But I don’t know how to fight with my heart.”

“Just follow my lead, you’ll know what to do when the time is right.”

Tech hesitated for a moment and then placed his hand on top of hers on his chest. Myka nodded with determination and then took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Tech followed. As they meditate on what they were looking for, they became the only two in his mind. There were no machines, no cords, not even outlets. Just a black empty space with the two of them. Tech wasn’t sure what he was searching for, but somehow it was so easy to follow Myka’s lead. Myka connected her spirit with his and he finally let go of everything he was used to. He dove into a feeling that he hadn’t experience in a long time. She guided him to his heart and somehow, he managed to felt hers. The beat simultaneously as one. Then he saw a weird sparkle, emerge from them and it brought them out of their trance. He looked in awe and curious at the bright orb that floated before them.

“What is that?” Tech asked.

“That’s your spirit,” Myka said, “unleash the new power, defeat the man that has taken over your mind.”

Tech walked up to it and outstretched his hand until he could touch the spiritual power. Once he did, it took over his body, he felt his blood boil with a new power emerging. He powered up until both his fists flowed with the new power.

“Electron Paralysis Split!” he cried.

He brought his hands together and aimed his power smack in the middle of his mind.

You did it, Myka thought proudly.

Tech noticed that his body began to split. “What’s happening?” he grunted. The power was starting to become overwhelming and his body splitting made him feel a little weak.

“The power is working, the wizard is giving up, don’t give up, I promise you are going to be okay.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll see you on the other side.” She gave him a reassuring smile and then faded into the air.

When she returned to her body, she saw Tech’s body splitting before her.

“Wow that’s what I call a split personality,” said Duck.

Myka gazed around and realized the whole gang was finally here. “Quick grab the real Tech,” she said.

They all rushed over and pulled the real Tech’s body out from the wizard’s. Once Tech was finally free the wizard’s body collapsed into Myka’s arms.

“As for you,” said Lexi and opened the jar.

The jar absorbed the body inside it and Lexi sealed it off with a lid.

“That should hold,” she said with satisfaction.

As Myka tried to pull Tech off her body, he was finally coming to. When he opened his eyes he looked directly into Myka’s. As if she was hypnotized, she had done the same. They stared at one another for what seemed like a long time.

“Hey Tech,” Ace snapped them out of the trance, “how are you feeling?”

He rubbed his head and pressed on his temples to make his eyes stop from spinning. “Better, now that there isn’t a psycho wizard in my brain trying to take over,” he turned to his team, “sorry if I hurt any of you guys.”

“Nah, you’re fine Tech, you only sucked Duck into a jar,” said Myka.

“Yeah, next time, use a bigger confinement to trap the enemies,” Duck protested.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Tech revealed a small smile.

“I’m just glad you’re okay, and congrats on the new power,” said Myka.

“All thanks to you, Myka…thanks,” he said shyly.

She smiled. “Anytime.”

“Hey, wait a second you got a new power because of her?” Duck asked curiously, “Could I get a new power?”

“It’s not that simple,” Myka finally cut in, “Tech got that power on his own, I just helped him believe in himself, when you need a new power, you will earn it.”

He fell silent. Slightly disappointed but he understood.

Tech and Myka helped each other up and then Duck and Lexi took over by taking his arms and placing them over his shoulders. Myka looked at him for another second and then turned to the others.

“Well as eventful as this day has been I think it’s time for us to get some rest.”

They all nodded.

“Well you be okay?” Tech asked.

She walked over to the door of her room in thought. Then she turned around to face him, she smiled and looked in his eyes. “I’ll be fine. Good night Coyote,” she said.

“Good night Myka,” he replied.

Myka closed the door leaving Tech to ponder in his thoughts.

Please stay safe, he thought.

“Hey Tech,” Ace chimed in, “Rev and Slam will stay guard tonight, you and Duck should get some proper rest in your own beds.”

“Alright,” he said, “a bed sounds pretty good right now, huh Duck?”

“All the better,” he agreed.


The rest of the gang head home and headed off to sleep.

Tech laid restlessly in his bed for a little while. Myka was crossing his mind every which way along with the wizard that had just taken over his body. He knew Myka, and perhaps Myka knew him. He knew it was only a matter of time before something happens to Myka. He had to find some way to stop the wizard. And stop him for good.

Loonatics Unleashed Season 3 Episode 2

After cleaning up the collateral damage of the hospital, Ace brought Myka up to speed. Without giving her much of choice, he and Tech walked her to the Midnight Nark Hotel. Thanks to a major save awhile back, Ace had earned a free hotel room and decided it would be best for Myka to use it. Given that whatever this creature is, it is still out there which means Myka could still be in danger and not know it. She seems to have some knowledge on how to fight the creature but due to her amnesia she doesn’t seem to have many memories about fighting this thing in the past. Not to mention he felt that it would be a little easier to keep an eye on Myka. Her trust wasn’t earned by him yet, and he feared that Tech might be falling into deep if he’s not careful.

He also decided that the Loonatics would all assist Myka as her body guards until this creature was out of the way. He suspected that this creature had some ties to Myka and wasn’t going to let either of them out of their sight. Ace assigned Tech to be on first watch for Myka. For now, he would just walk her to her room and would meet him back in the lobby. Hopefully for both of their sake they wouldn’t take too long.


“You don’t have to be so excited,” Tech said trying lighten up the mood.

“You didn’t have to walk me to my room,” Myka said bitterly, “much less be an overnight guard, that goes for all of you.”

“Hey, I proved my case to Ace. He agreed that whatever that bird creature was, it is after you, meaning you were probably running from it when we found you.”

“Even if that statistic is true— “

“It is.”

“I can still handle myself. Fauna gave me clearance, I can fight again.”

“You still need to rejuvenate. You took a blow from the last battle that you had to be a part of— “

“Because I knew I had the energy to spare.”

“And you collapsed the moment you used that energy.”

They each came to a halt in the center of the hall. They stared at one another. Myka glared at him as if she was his little sister and he was being the over protective brother. But as he stared into her eyes something came over him. As if he was in a trance. Strange feelings started brewing up. He shook his head to clear it.

“Look,” he finally spoke, “regardless of what you think your strength is, something is after you, you don’t remember the details of who, what or why, let alone, the fact that none of your family history is in the database systems either.”

“What does my family history have to do with this?”

“Where you came from so did this creature thing that’s been following you,” he said simply.

“So, what do I really mean to you then?” she challenged him, “Some poor woman who needs protection?”

“We found you,” he stressed to her, “you are our responsibility, whether you trust us or not, and whether you like it or not.”

She scoffed.

“Look I know you don’t like the odds right now but— “

“Please, I know what Ace is planning. And you’re halfway a part of it.”

“Oh, so you think you know everything? Very well enlighten me.”

“Ace just wants to keep an eye on me to make sure I’m not a threat even with amnesia, you are slightly on the fence as well but something is pulling you back, something that I can’t quite place my finger on…”

“Okay…you might be on the right track, but it’s just temporary right now, and if you think about it, we keep an eye on you and you have some place to stay. It’s a win-win.”

“Yeah, except I don’t need protecting,” she stressed.

“Myka— “

She stomped down to the mid-length of the hall and came to room 24D. She tried sliding the door open but it kept denying her. She placed her hand in the scanner, it would blink red, and keep locking itself.

“Denied,” a robotic voice kept repeating, “must have hotel…denied must have hotel key…denied, denied, den— “

Tech came around her and placed a key card on the scanner. The door swished open.

She quickly turned to him confused yet annoyed.

Tech cleared his throat. “It helps to storm into a tantrum and ditched the guy that is supposedly antagonizing you when he doesn’t mean to, with the simple step of using a key card, especially if you’re stomping into a hotel room.”

She took a moment to realize that she was so mad that she didn’t even think of swiping the key card from him. Taking the chance, she snatched the key card out of his hand, gave him a disgusted look and stormed into the room. She pushed the button on the side and closed the door right after giving him a death glare.

Once each other was out of one another sight, their gazes softened. They pressed their backs against the door and slid down to the floor, while letting out an exasperating sigh.

“Tech,” Myka finally broke the silence, “I’m sorry I’m being difficult, I’m not trying to be, I’m just scared, and I may not remember anything but I feel like, I’ve always been alone for a long time now. I really don’t like that feeling. Being scared and alone. But I think being alone is what’s best for me. I mean if that’s really the case maybe I was alone this entire time, I must learn to be on my own again, for me to move on from this and try to remember why I became a loner. If I wasn’t one already.”

Tech thought about what she said. “Well maybe being alone isn’t so bad for a while but maybe, amnesia or not, you also got to let people in.”

Myka listened curiously.

“Look, maybe we’ve gone about this the wrong way. Instead of being your body guards, maybe you just need a few friends. And friends protect each other no matter what kind of danger.”

“Only if they trust each other though.”

“You don’t trust us?”

“Not yet. You don’t trust me though either.”

“Not yet. Your powers have regenerated though and you haven’t tried to attack us in any way, so I don’t think you’re bad.”

“You don’t know that for sure though.”

“Sounds like neither do you,” he pointed out, “listen, l think that since you don’t have your memories right now, you still have your principles maybe you can still relearn about yourself and be influenced by the new people in your life. You can start brand new Myka.”

She didn’t respond right away. Thoughts whirled in her head like tornadoes but somehow that moment Tech put in her head made her at ease. “I like that idea. I think I want that idea. I think I could really use some friends, but what if I’m not meant to be who you want me to be, Tech, what if I hurt you and the others?”

“You’re being yourself now that’s all we can ask for. Besides, I wouldn’t worry too much about that now, if that ever were to happen, we will deal with it when the time comes.”

“I’m scared.” Her voiced cracked a little. She put her hand around her mouth to keep her from breaking down in tears.

Tech didn’t know what to say to that. Instead, he pulled himself up and faced the door. “Could you open the door please? There’s someone I need to introduce to you.”

Myka turned confused and then got up to open the door only to find Tech in the hallway.

“Hi, my name is Tech,” he extended his hand to her, “we may not know each other very well and it will take some time but I was wondering as we do get to know each other, can we try being friends?”

Myka hesitated for a minute but then slipped her hand into his. “My name is Myka, and I would like that very much.”

They held hands for a while and shared smiles.


Ace leaned against the counter in the lobby. His foot tapped the floor impatiently.

Come on Tech, this girl is a mission not flirt of love songs and charm. We got a Houdini bird to find.

He stared at the elevator as if hoping he could command it to open with Tech inside it. He tore away and looked at his communicator. He pushed the triangle on his wrist and pulled up a hologram screen. He tapped on a folder that revealed no missed messages from the gang. Then he pushed on the contacts and selected Lexi. The contact dialed for a couple of seconds and then Lexi’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey Ace,” she answered, “how’s Myka settling in?”

“I think Tech is working her in…and taking his time.”

“Wait Tech is with her? Alone?”

“He thought it was better for one guard to take her up there, I’m regretting that it was him…anyway never mind them now, any news on the Pillar bird that disappeared on us yesterday?”

“Not really. At least no more appearances, Rev has scouted the planet but no sign of it.”

“Sounds like it disappeared in thin air,” Ace wondered.

“Ace,” Rev suddenly appeared on the screen and started talking super speed. “I was thinking maybe we should give this magic bird sometime to come back again or if we really want him to come back maybe set off some kind of bait for him. If he is like any kind of bird he may go for a roasted sesame seed…hmm maybe not roasted it looks more like a plain guy, I could find the biggest seed ever created or if we wait for him to pop up again the sesame seed could be used as a peace offering—“

“That sounds somewhat promising Rev,” Ace cut him off, “but I have a feeling Myka is the bait in this case, and he will come back sooner or later, we want to find him before he tries to find Myka again.”

“Lexi, you try imputing the information about the bird in the computer system, I’ll widen our search for anything that looks like a big harmless bird going haywire,” said Rev.

“Hey guys,” Duck chimed in, “I just got some info on the pillar bird. I took in his origin and contacted the planet. The guardians of the planet said that this bird has been extinct for the past twenty years.”

“Duck are you sure?” Ace asked.

“I know my reading levels aren’t strong but that’s what it says here.”

Lexi took the papers out of Duck’s hands and read over them. “He’s right,” suddenly another beeping went off in the background. “The main computer is saying that there are no known findings of this creature.”

“No luck on the widen search either.”

“Which means…we’ve been fighting something that doesn’t exist…”

“We were right before, the bird was not what we thought it was, it’s merely a disguise.”

“Right, so then who’s pulling the costume act?” Ace wondered.

He started heading towards the elevator.

“Guys keep on searching for anything that seems off.”

“Where are you going?” Duck asked.

“Up the elevator to drag Tech down, I need his brains before our mystery girl decides to demolish them into mush.”

He hung up on them and headed up the elevator. He got off at the D floor and head down. Tech and Myka came in to his sight. He saw them holding hands. Suddenly, he had an uncertainty feeling between the two of them. Especially, towards Myka. Not just the fact that they were getting to know one another, but there was also something that seemed to be holding her back. Something that she wasn’t telling them.

As he got closer he cleared his throat.

They finally took notice and released each other’s hands. For a second they blushed and shifted uncomfortably.

“Ace,” he said, “sorry for taking so long, I was just making sure Myka was settled in…”

Ace raised a hand to stop him. “Tech, we got a situation. That pillar bird is gone, like completely gone.”

Tech turned confused. “Shouldn’t we consider that a good thing?”

“No, I mean this thing never existed.”

“What have we been chasing this whole time then?”

“Rev used your particle tracker and combined it with the information Lexi had gotten from the computer analysis not to mention did a universal wide search. Plus, Duck checked out the planet of the origins of this bird. It turns out this type of creature doesn’t even exist.”

“Well, that does explain why I couldn’t track it when it teleported.”

“It teleported?” Myka asked.

“Yeah, right when we think we caught it,” he said flatly.

“And you can track it once it does teleport?”

“Teleportation leaves residue behind, kind of like sparkly dust, if picked up in time, I can determine where it came from and where it might be heading with the help of my invention. But since Ace just said it completely disappeared…means we may not have been fighting nothing this whole time.”

“Which means you might have been chasing an illusion.”

“Possibly,” Ace said, “but then who’s pulling the magic act?” And what connection does it have with Myka?

“Illusions are hard to track,” Myka’s thoughtful voice pulled him back to earth, “they don’t have a specific tracking residue, not to mention the magician doesn’t leave a trace so easily either.”

“Meaning?” he asked.

“Magician’s normally don’t want to be found.”

“And you know this how exactly?” Tech asked curiously.

“I’ve lost my memories Tech, not my sense of knowledge.”

“I guess you’re right, so…do you by chance have knowledge of how to find a magician?”

“Yeah, a perhaps even fight him?” Ace chimed in again.

Myka thought for a minute. “I feel like I should, but nothing is coming to me now, it’s like I drew a blank on that topic.”

“No matter,” Tech said cheerfully, “when in doubt, we find the information.”

“Do you by chance have a library on this planet?” she asked rather hopeful.

“Library? I was talking about the universal internet; we can find anything in a snap with it.”

“Yes, true, but sometimes we need old fashioned books that don’t produce the information you find on a screen.”

“Hate to break it to you but this is the twenty-seventh century, every book that would be considered in a library, is on a screen.”

“Doesn’t matter the page it’s made of; you need more info than what you’re looking at.”

“You got any bright ideas?”

Myka went to the computer that sat on a desk in her room. She turned on the monitor and started typing.

He peered curiously over her shoulder. “Library book sites? You got to be kidding me.”

“Don’t judge quite yet Coyote,” she paused for a second, “ah! This one might work.” She clicked on a link. “Magical website, the get your download on mythology on any creature resource.”

“You think this ancient site will give you some answers?”

“Well the bird you just fought is not of this planet, which means we’ll have to be a little broader, and oh yeah, the bird you fought was created by an illusionist which means you have some sort of magical being on your hands, so yeah I do think this ancient cite give me some answers plus, you might learn a thing or two.”

He glared at her but didn’t say anything.

“That’s what I thought,” she said with satisfaction.

Tech looked up at Ace and exchanged looks. Tech released a bit of frustration to her and Ace just shrugged his shoulders and revealed a nervous smile.

She typed in illusionists and magicians in the search bar. One link came up as a relateable source. ‘Wizards’.

“Wizards?” Tech asked unconvinced. “How is that relateable to illusionists or magicians?”

“They’re still mythological creatures,” she clicked on the link, “and they both produce some sort of magic…err…super powers, just a lot different from yours and the other Loonatics.” She scanned the screen for a minute. “Okay…looks like anyone with the ability to cast illusions is known be a wizard or a wizard in training. They are on the other side of a galaxy, where its known as the quiet part of space. They create mostly spells and potions…this is all basic general information, are you getting all of this?” she turned towards Tech.

“Yeah, loud and clear,” he said flatly.

She revealed a sarcastic smile.

“This is all very educational,” Ace chimed in again, “can we possibly figure out how to find this guy?”

“It says here that most wizards stay on their planet, rarely leaving except for their ‘bound walk’.”

“Bound walk?”

“I think it’s a tradition most wizards do, they take the time to travel through the galaxy and strengthening their magic, and when they return to their planet they are considered a full wizard.”

“So, then our next bet would be to find out if any wizards had left their planet recently for the traditional earth walk, I’m on it.” Tech began downloading and searching on the airless screen on his communicator.

“There’s something else you might want to consider, looks like wizards can be banned from the council as well, mainly because they had been demoted for using their power that could be a threat to any parts of the galaxies.”

“So, we could either be dealing with a good dealer that hasn’t learned the strength of his magic, or we’re dealing with a bad guy that has complete knowledge of his magic?”

“Pretty much.”

“Okay well since we have a wizard down it will narrow our search, now we just got to narrow down the wizard,” said Ace.

“That would be easy enough if the wizard wasn’t so hard to find at the scene of every time,” Tech pointed out.

“Well you guys think that this mystery villain is after me, he’s bound to come back eventually. Right?” she asked.

Ace and Tech both nodded skeptically.

“So, then perhaps its best that we wait for him to show up again.”

“But how will we know its him?” Tech wondered, “As a wizard he could take in many forms.”

“It says here that some wizards have a signature look, if we’re lucky it’s possible that he will just take on that one look.”

“Ace,” Lexi chimed in on his intercom.

“What’s up Lexi?”

“We’re being attacked at HQ, we need you guys now.”

“We’re coming Lexi,” he turned to Tech, “keep an eye on her, we’ll make sure that whoever is attacking HQ doesn’t come looking for her.”

Without waiting for a response, he headed out down the hall, leaving the two at the computer. Myka stared after him worriedly. Then she diverted her eyes back to the computer and saw the light of energy and knowledge flow out of the monitor into Tech’s hands.

“What are you doing?” she asked curiously.

“Taking in all this knowledge from this site and comparing it with other info,” he explained, “it’s possible if this one wizard has a specific look, then one match should pop up somewhere in the data base.”

“Not bad for ancient magic sites huh?” she gloated.

He glanced at her and went back to concentrating on his power absorption. “Yeah, you’re not a bad researcher, a smart one at that.”

She revealed as small as-a-matter-of-fact smile and focused on the words merging into the compartment of his communicator. As she focused on the bright light, she felt a strange energy enter her body, her eyes went blank, but she saw a new picture. She walked along a street and found Ace and the other Loonatics fighting around a tall half shaped building with a global sphere in the middle. The same bird that had been attacking them breathed fire at Loonatics. They quickly dodge the blow and countered attack. Ace blasted it with his laser vision along with Lexi using her brain blast. It used a shield and blocked both of their attacks. Duck egged it with a couple of his energy orbs. Rev tried speeding around the bird in hopes of confusing it. The pillar bird thrashed them away with his large wings. Slam tried to suck it into his Tasmanian Tornado but was slammed into the wall by its huge talons.

Myka let out a gasp of air, her eyes closed and then opened again. She found herself back in the hotel room. She heaved over the chair breathing heavily and clutching the side of her head.

“Myka?” Tech called to her.

Myka looked up at him worriedly.

“Myka what just happened?” he placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I just had a vision,” her voice was raspy.

“Vision?” he asked confused, “Are you saying you’re psychic now?”

Myka glanced at him as she took a moment to regain her breathing, and looked back at him. “Yeah something like that.”

Then she grabbed his arm and headed towards the door. “Come on we got to go, the others are in trouble because of that same bird.”

She dragged him down the hall.

“Whoa, whoa, wait slow down,” he cried.

They came to a stop in the middle of the hall.

“I understand the others need help, but you are in danger, you need to stay here.”

“I can’t just stay here, Ace said you needed to keep an eye on me, you can’t do that if I’m here and you’re there.”

“Ace also said that I can’t bring you into any more battles for the time being.”

“Then I won’t battle, but guard duty or not, you need my knowledge to help defeat this guy.”

“The knowledge is stored in the data base now,” he paused and guided her back to her room.

“But— “she protested.

“Listen, if the bird is there, and realizing that you’re not, he may give up for the time being, until then we can fight it off.”

“It didn’t look like that in my vision,” she countered. “The Loonatics were getting creamed.”

“We’ve been in tougher situations before, it may have looked like we were getting creamed, but I promise you, we always find a way to come back.”

He gently pushed her back into her room and closed the door. He hesitated a moment and placed his hand on the door.

“I promise Myka, everything is going to be alright.”

He released his hand off the door and left a force shield so she couldn’t open the door, if she decided to escape.

Myka stared at the door unconvinced. She paced around a couple of times and shook her head.

“They are way in over their heads here. But how am I supposed to get them to understand that? And I may be able to fight but I’m not back to my normal strength yet…or at least somewhat normal.”

Then she decided to go back to the computer and realized that the page was halfway empty. Tech didn’t finish downloading the entire page. As she scrolled down, she caught sight of the pillar bird that they have been trying to capture. She reset the page and then clicked on the creature. There was suddenly a spark of interest when she read up on this type of bird.

Pillar bird, mostly a peaceful creature, but if provoked strongly, consequences could happen.

She scanned over the pictures of the bird slowly disappearing along with the world. Its powerful beak looks like it was swallowing the universe until the entire black sky was black.

If the pillar bird can really do that, then a wizard could really make that happen, and it’s possible that he wouldn’t make it an illusion…I got to warn them.

She got up from the chair and headed towards the door. She pushed the button to activate the door but it wouldn’t budge.

“Tech?” she called out to him. “Tech are you still out there?”

She repeatedly pushed the button but it still wouldn’t open. She felt through her pockets but couldn’t find the key on her. Then she looked through the peep hole and noticed the green bubble that was outside.

She revealed a look of annoyance.

“Some diabolical genius, he’s genius of creating force fields.”

Then she turned towards the window. She walked over and pushed the window doors open and looked down. Fourth floor, practically a death drop, if she just decided to scale the walls. Then she looked up at the sky and revealed a satisfaction smile.

“Looks like I’m flying.”

She pulled herself up to the window sill. The breeze surrounded her as she closed her eyes and imagined herself flying through the sky. She took a step off the sill and let herself fall for a second before she unleashed her solar disk. A silver white pane underneath her feet. She regained her balance and started flying over the city. Not sure where she was going, but with her visions guiding her she shouldn’t be too far from their headquarters.


Tech used his invention and aimed it right at the bird. The mystical cannon was probably their last chance in defeating this creature, or at least capturing it. Still he and the gang weren’t too sure about anything. Taking another leap of faith, he aimed his cannon right at the bird and fired. A net coated with glucose gel wrapped it around the bird and finally brought him down. As Tech let out a shaky sigh of relief the pillar bird continued to struggle through the net.

“Alright little birdie, how’s about you try giving us some information, huh?” Ace suggested.

The bird let out a squawk and struggled through the ropes.

“And I would probably save your strength,” said Tech, “those ropes are coated with a highly level of glucose, able to block any kind of power including teleportation.”

“I don’t get it,” Lexi spoke this time, “if this thing is an illusion, then why does the attacks and the bird for that matter feel so real?”

“I haven’t been able to figure that out either,” said Ace, “maybe Tech could learn some more about it, now that we go it captured.”

“I’ll start by finding out who is the wizard that’s controlling good old feathers over here.”

“The rest of us will scout the area,” said Ace, “if there is a wizard behind all of this, he wouldn’t be too far from his puppet. Let’s jet.”

They left Tech with the pillar bird, who was trying to bite through the strong ropes.

“Well looks like you might have met your match. So why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?”

The bird glared at him and let out a loud squawk. The supersonic waves burned through the ropes and he was finally set free.

“Oh, you got to be kidding me?” he asked annoyed and then turned to his communicator, “Ace, it broke free…again, going to need backup.”

“We’re on our way Tech.”

Tech hung up and stared determined at the bird.

“Illusion or not, you are going down.”

He ran towards it and pulled out his gun again. This time as he fired the net the bird released a shield and deflect it back at him. Wrapping him up in his own glucose gel, he couldn’t unleash his powers.

As Myka pulled up from the distance, she noticed that the others had come back to help Tech. Duck unleashed a couple more orbs, Slam body slammed into one of the legs hoping to knock it off his balance. Lexi’s brain blast barely phased it. Rev’s speed confused it but with the right amount of focus it blew fire directly at him.

They are getting hurt out there, I wish I looked up the way to defeat these guys…wait the site said that the pillar bird can attack if its provoked enough, so then maybe if there’s a way to calm it down, the illusion might disappear…but how?

She cast her senses and a certain energy surrounded her. Vines and flowers grew before her eyes. Slowly wrapping around her arms.

Plants…yes that’s it.

She brought her attention back to the Loonatics, and saw that Tech was cornered by the bird and its massive beak. With no more time to waste she leaped into action. She unleashed her solar disk and coasted through the air. When she came directly under the pillar bird, she jumped off and slammed her hands into the ground, creating a strong stem directly underneath the bird. The stem shot it up in the air, and grew at super speed. The bud clasped its mouth around the bird, then sprouted the dark brown golden center and one by one a petal appeared. Once it was done growing, it laid against the dark moon and seemed to gleam under the gloomy purple skies.

Once she knew the danger was over she let out a sigh of relief.

“Myka,” Tech called to her.

She looked over at him, and then the others surrounded her.

“I thought I told you, no more battles,” Ace said sternly to Tech.

“And I thought I told you to stay in the hotel,” Tech repeated the tone towards Myka, “how did you escape the shield anyway?”

“When in doubt, windows,” she said simply.

“You were on the fourth floor, bout twenty feet high,” he pointed out.

“Did you see me ride a solar disk? It’s really great for aerial travel.”

Tech rolled his eyes.

“So, what happened to eagle talons?” Duck asked.

“Captured him in a plant,” she explained, “one that allows pillar bird here to stay in a meditative state. If you guys provoked him any longer he would have unleashed an even more dangerous power and considering that a wizard was controlling buck beak, that wizard was more than likely to unleash it.”

She paused and gently pulled on the stem. It shrunk down small enough to fit in her hands and then she handed it to Ace.

“You’re welcome.”

Ace didn’t say anything. Instead he gave her a slightly long glare and then pulled out a skinny container. He pushed a button to make it bigger and Myka slipped the plan inside. The container activated a special seal to capture it for good.

“That’s all great,” said Lexi, “but we still need to find the magician causing this thing to destroy the city, not to mention, it’s still a little weird that it did not go after you this time.”

Myka looked at it thoughtfully. “Well keep it alive and we might be able to find some more clues. Until then, it’s quite harmless now.”

“We?” Duck challenged her this time.

“It was me that saved you guys, wasn’t it?” she pointed out.

They looked at her unconvinced.

“Alright fine, I wasn’t looking for anything anyway, just know that I want to help if I can, I have skills too, and I remembered how to use my powers now. So, if you need some assisting, you know where I’ll be.”

Ace let out a sigh. “Tech…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he grumbled and walked past her, “come on Myka.”

She revealed a polite smile to the rest of them and then followed Tech back to the hotel.


“I really can’t get over the fact of how stubborn you are,” Tech complained as they walked down the hall again.

“I wouldn’t say stubborn exactly, more like persistent, and besides look who’s talking, you’re the one that insisted that I stay here until I recover.”

“I also said stay here during the battles, I couldn’t see you getting into any more trouble.”

“Oh yes, that’s right, because I’m the damsel with amnesia in distress,” she said sarcastically and then added in a more serious tone, “Tech, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your concern and everything the Loonatics are doing for me, but you saw what I did today, I’m getting stronger and you have to let me be able to get stronger so I can defend myself once again. Whatever this over protectiveness is within you, needs to dwindle down just a bit.”

They came to a halt at her door. Tech used the key to open it.

“Just next time, take it easy around the gang, they don’t exactly trust you yet, and I don’t know how I feel about you yet.”

She walked into the doorway, then turned around and looked at him curiously. “I’ll be a little more careful in not stepping on the other’s feet for the time being, but I can tell there is something in your brain that’s driving you nuts,” she smiled deviously, “this might actually be a little fun after all.”

Tech eyed her suspiciously.

“Good night Coyote.” She stepped inside and closed the door.

Tech crossed his arms around his chest and placed his back against the door. He rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Myka did the same. Only her eyes were softer now.

Within the next moment their eyes stared at the door. Leaving them with only their thoughts.